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Sony Denies Spider-Man / Avengers Rumor, But Are They Lying?

Sony Denies Spider-Man / Avengers Rumor, But Are They Lying?


Is Sony Pictures trying to “Honey Pot” America Again? Rumors of a Spider-Man/Avengers shared universe are openly denied by Sony, but is this all a ploy?

The Interview James Franco Seth Rogen

The Interview (2014)

So remember how, way back when, Sony Pictures allegedly got hacked by North Korea all because Kim Jong-Un got his britches in a bunch over Seth Rogen’s latest piece (of crap), “The Interview?” Well it happened, then Sony pulled the movie, then America exploded with protest, then Sony caved (or so they say) and released the horrendous Razzie nominated train wreck masquerading as a movie on select streaming platforms. Despite a prodominantly negative reception, Sony prevailed in testing a new distribution medium with “The Interview” setting a precedent in Online film releases.


Recently the Latino Review tossed a lit match onto the dry kindling of speculation reporting on something so spectacular and so amazing that fanboy senses would tingle with excitement and disbelief.

“The Sony deal went through” – Latino Review

What Sony deal? Why does this matter? Well the Sony deal is referring to Sony Pictures allowing Marvel Studios to incorporate the long-withheld Spiderman property into the highly successful Marvel Cinematic universe, more specifically in Marvel’s upcoming “Avengers: Infinity War.” Amidst the Rogen-Centric Sony Hacking scandal, we caught first wind of this alleged “Spidey Summit” between the two studios. What Latino Review is now claiming is that Sony and Marvel have already met and that a deal is in place. Now keep in mind that neither studio has confirmed this conjecture, and when Sony was contacted by ComicBookResources the rumors were harshly rejected.

“no validity whatsoever.” – Sony Pictures Representative

Well that’s it then, Sony has said it isn’t happening so it isn’t happening. Up until this point, Sony has been stubborn as a mule when it comes to sharing the webbed wealth, shooting down past cross-over attempts. If it were to happen, which I am a definite proponent of, It would be a complex agreement with a lot of monetary and creative rights considerations to be negotiated. With that said, Sony’s recent and highly public tribulations may prompt the disarrayed studio to reconsider it’s position on the Spidey property, especially when taking into account Marvel’s tremendous success thus far with their MCU.


Another thing to consider is that Sony may be, how can I gently put this, LYING! If you fell for the hype surrounding “The Interview” then you joined the ranks of other Americans who lost $5.99 and two hours of their lives. What leads us to believe that Sony won’t “Honey Dick” us again. If this deal really is going down, we surely won’t get any kind of confirmation anytime soon. This kinda gold is far too precious to be relegated to a mere web-leak, this is Comic-Con or after credit Cameo caliber news.



Civil War Vol. 1 (Variant)

If you are a comic book lover you will likely already know this, but a lot of the speculation surrounding the Spider-Man/Avengers crossover starts with Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s comic book “Civil War.” In this story we see Spider-Man play a key role and given Marvel’s 2016 movie release similarly titled “Captain America: Civil War,”  it would not take much to turn closet fanboy banter to full blown web-fires of conjecture. It is definitely too late for us to see the web-slinger in the upcoming “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” but it doesn’t mean he couldn’t pop in after the credits…


With all this said, I personally hope that these flickering embers of speculation grow to be a flaming fireball of truth. It would be amazing to see Spider-Man join the ranks of the Avengers and who knows, maybe even have a half decent solo film or three! I suppose that is wishful thinking.

What do you think? Is Sony Pictures going to continue their ludicrous lone march or will they let the Spider-Man property swing into the capable hands of Marvel Studios?

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