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‘Sex Tape’ lacks steady laughs and chemistry between Segel and Diaz

‘Sex Tape’ lacks steady laughs and chemistry between Segel and Diaz

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Sex Tape is another comedy pushing the envelope with the taboo subject of sex. It follows a similar formula that we’ve seen before but with a theme modernized for today’s internet generation.

Cinematics(Plot, Acting, Cinematography, etc.)

Like most slapstick comedies, the plot is simplistic and predictable. The only redeeming feature of the plot is the explanation of why their sex tape synced across the cloud to everyone. For any average Apple user, you’d know that cloud sync isn’t as broad as the film makes it out to be but we Apple users also know that there’s always an app for something.

Despite the one redeeming quality, the plot was overall lacking. With even the simplest stories, there’s always a motive and that motive continually evolves bringing you to the climax of the film. For me, the motive dried up rather quickly leaving a majority of the film stale and repetitive.

The acting also shared the same staleness of the plot. I like Jason Segel in general but he just does not mesh well with Cameron Diaz and that total lack of chemistry is a problem when a film’s focus is intimacy. Luckily, the supporting cast was able to save the day and bring some laughs before I quickly fell asleep. Rob Lowe is essentially Chris Traeger (“Parks and Recreation”) with a hidden edge that catches you off guard for a few laughs. Rob Corddry and Ellie Kemper follow a similar suit with their innocent demeanor quickly fading as they are intrigued by the main characters’ sinful adventures.

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Entertainment Value

Usually comedies are composed of mindless entertainment but “Sex Tape” has such a slow start that the intrigue doesn’t start until about 30 to 45 minutes into the film. I would say that there is some level of entertainment but it lasts only for a little less than half of the film.


Reiterating what was previously said, “Sex Tape” is difficult to watch again when it takes so long to take off. I’d maybe watch the tail end of the film again if I was randomly flipping channels when it makes its TV premiere, but I have no desire to sit through the entire film again.


  • Cinematics
  • Entertainment Value
  • Rewatchability


“Sex Tape” is a comedy that lacks its genre’s most significant feature…the comedy. There is a lack of chemistry between the main characters and it is so lacking that the supporting cast has to carry the weight of the film. While I caught myself laughing during certain moments of the film, the laughs were so few and far between that the overall impact was little to none.

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