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Robin Williams final film trailer for Boulevard is emotional

Robin Williams final film trailer for <em>Boulevard</em> is emotional


The trailer for Robin Williams’ final film “Boulevard” tugs at the heart strings.

Just recently we had the chance to interview “Boulevard” co-star Roberto Aguire about his experience working with Robin Williams. As expected, Roberto’s response was genuine and heartfelt in regards to the film and working with Williams. Now we get to see the trailer for the film and I have to say that Roberto’s heartfelt response to working with Williams just magnifies the sincerity conveyed throughout this trailer. Watch below and see the preview for Robin Williams’ final film which looks to be one of his most dynamic roles yet.

I’ve already expressed how the death of Robin Williams has impacted me. Seeing him once more in such a captivating role reopens the array of feelings regarding his death. He’s joined by a great cast and is playing a role that is very much outside of his usual comfort zone. While many saw Williams as a strictly comedic actor, his other diverse roles show that “Boulevard” could be another film where he truly thrives as an actor.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see Robin Williams’ legacy end with a performance that is a testament to his craft? I definitely see the potential with “Boulevard” and hope that the film showcases what a great actor he was. Playing the role of a conflicted, but devoted, husband, Williams will play a character that deals with a lot of internal struggle. While maintaining a secret life, he is forced to bring it out in the open and confront it. Along the way we see how his two lives converge into one as he confronts his wife (Kathy Baker) and a young man named Leo (Roberto Aguire). The mechanics of this film have the potential to leave a legacy for Williams that none shall forget while also providing a path for his co-stars of “Boulevard” to follow.

For a more in depth and personal discussion of the film, check out Pooya’s interview with “Boulevard” co-star Roberto Aguire here.

“Boulevard” is set for release on July 17, 2015.

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