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Roberto Aguire Talks ‘Boulevard’, Robin Williams and Superhero Cinema

Roberto Aguire Talks ‘Boulevard’, Robin Williams and Superhero Cinema


In a exclusive interview, Pooya chats with “Boulevard” actor Roberto Aguire about the ups and downs of Hollywood, life influences, dream jobs in neuroscience, obscure interests in  Japanese anime and much more.

That’s right FadFans, join us  as we chat with up-and-coming actor, Roberto Aguire, about everything under the sun, from his upcoming drama co-starring Robin Williams “Boulevard,” to which superhero property he would want to be involved with. So, without further ado… here is an exclusive peak into the mind of Roberto Aguire. Hey Roberto, How’s it going?

Good, How’s it going with you Pooya? It’s going fantastic. So, I’m assuming you guys are over in California.

 Ah yeah, Actually, Im in Mexico right now. Oh you’re in Mexico. Im sure the weather there is beautiful as well.

Oh, It’s amazing Today. We have beautiful blue skies. It’s kinda like LA weather except a little colder but… yeah it’s really nice. Wonderful. Are you down there working on a project? If you can’t tell me, that’s okay too. I understand.

Yeah, No. I can’t really tell you. I’m helping out a friend of mine down here that’s doing a project, that’s why I have to keep it a little secret. But yeah, no, I’m doing that and I’m also helping out with the Red Cross here. Oh, that’s awesome.

Yeah, they do this awesome volunteer program and their ambulances where they just need manpower and they need people to help. Basically do the whole pre-hospital journey in ambulances. Everything from holding a fracture to holding a gauze on someone’s head that’s bleeding. Things like that, so it’s really cool. It’s really really fun down here. Wow. Are you certified? Do they certify you to do that kind of stuff, or is it…

Yeah, they put you basically through a training program to be able to deal with a certain number of things. So I wouldn’t be able to put an I.V. in someone or something like that. What is that awesome scene in, what is it? The George Clooney movie, “Three Kings” where he had to do a pneumothorax kind of injection with a pen. Oh yeah.

And that awesome awesome moment. But yeah, you don’t do things like that, but being able to hold someone’s neck steady, or they teach you how to get the gurney in and out of the ambulance. So, things like that that would just take them time and anyone can do.


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