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Exclusive: Joshua Rush talks Break Point and J.K. Simmons

Exclusive: Joshua Rush talks Break Point and J.K. Simmons

Image Credit: Amy Pogue

Young Actor Joshua Rush speaks on his film “Break Point” and high regard for J.K. Simmons.

It’s intriguing to get an inside look at the production of a film. Whether it be an actor, director, or producer, they usually provide some insight into the development of their vision and their inspirations. When interviewing the young, up and coming actor Joshua Rush, I was astounded at the level of insight he was able to provide about his career at only 13 years old. Not only was he insightful, he was also articulate and intelligent when it came to our discussion of “Break Point” and the highlights of his established acting career. While I approached this interview from the mindset of speaking to a child, I admit that Joshua’s demeanor and professionalism were on par with many prominent Hollywood adults that I had spoken with in the past.


Image Credit: Amy Pogue

Film Fad: Hi Joshua. So you’re very young to have such a career, how did you get started with acting?

“Well, I was born in Houston and my Mom is corporate video producer. She noticed that I liked being in front of the camera and she got me started in some modeling and some print work.”

Film Fad: Oh okay, well since the start until now, how do you feel about acting?

“Acting is my passion and my craft, I just love it.”

Film Fad: I see you’ve done some voice work also in things like “The Adventures of Puss in Boots,” “Mr Peabody & Sherman,” and even “Family Guy.” How do you feel about doing voice work?

“In voice over I get to hear my voice and see how these incredible animators do their work. When I get to see myself on screen, it’s just an amazing experience.”

Film Fad: Which do you prefer voice or live action?

“Oh, you’re making me choose between my children!”

Film Fad: So let’s talk about the movie “Break Point.” Can you tell us a little bit more about the film and your role?

“Break Point is about two brothers played by Jeremy Sisto and David Walton. They used to be junior tennis champions and now they have to do a bigger preliminary tournament. My character is very flamboyant and wears a lot of of neon but he ends up bringing the brothers closer together in the end.”


Left: Jeremy Sisto Right: Joshua Rush

Film Fad: So did you all have any fun on set? Any pranks that went on or anything like that?

“There’s one scene in the movie where I jump into a hot tub with Jeremy’s character. It was a freezing night and I hadn’t eaten for a few hours. I jumped into the hot tub because I was freezing and I had to get some new swim trunks. So it wasn’t really a prank but just kind of a funny situation.”

Film Fad: So did you make any friends along the way? Was there anyone in particular that you had fun working with?

J.K. Simmons just won an Oscar for the movie Whiplash which was very well deserved and all of them are just great. I’m just honored to work with all of these actors.

Film Fad: Well you’re quite young right now, do you think that you will continue your acting career when you get older?

“I don’t know if I want to stay acting for the rest of my life. The inevitable goal is to go into medicine or law because it’s very tough to sustain an income and raise a family on acting alone.”

Film Fad: Is there anything you’ve got coming up that you’re looking forward to working on?

I have a top secret Disney animated project that I will be able to talk about soon but for now I have some things on Netflix like Puss in Boots.

Film Fad: Hey Josh, thanks so much for your time, good luck in your career, and it was a pleasure talking to you.

Thank you, it was a pleasure talking to you as well.

Joshua Rush is an actor that is on the rise and to supplement his career, it seems like he has a good head on his shoulders as well. While he enjoys acting, he also has a backup plan for his future which is surprising for someone so young. You can check him out in the comedy/sports film “Break Point” through a variety of Video On Demand services. Be sure to keep an eye on Joshua. Who knows where his career will lead him in the future.

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