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Roberto Aguire Talks ‘Boulevard’, Robin Williams and Superhero Cinema

Roberto Aguire Talks ‘Boulevard’, Robin Williams and Superhero Cinema

Iron Man - Guardians of the Galaxy -

Talking Fantasy and Superhero cinema. Well, you’ve done kind of light-hearted comedy with “Struck By Lightning,” now you’ve done a really intelligent drama with “Boulevard,” where do you see yourself going next? With the huge boom in superhero movies both in Warner Bros and Marvel, do you see yourself segueing over into that arena at all?

[Laughs] Um yeah! I think that’s be so cool. I mean, I’m a nerd at heart. I really, god when it comes to anything that has to do with superheroes, or specifically fantasy… I’m a huge fantasy buff. I dont know if you a fantasy book series, but there’s one called “Wheel of Time” by Robert Jordan. Oh yeah, Robert Jordan. Very popular.

Oh my god, its like it takes you years to read all of the books, but I love that. SO, anything that would have magic or dragons or that I up for it. But in terms of my career, I just want to keep doing things that are different. I wanna keep doing comedies, I wanna do dramas, I wanna do sci fi, I wanna do fantasy, I wanna work with green screen, I wanna work with things that, you know in projects that, are really minimal. Id love to do TV. I think TV has awesome content right now. What’s a TV Show? Throw one out there, that you would really enjoy, that you’d see yourself doing a cameo, maybe, on.

Right now? I would have to loved to have gone on breaking bad. I think that would have been be so much fun. Do you think you could talk to Bob [Odenkirk] and maybe find yourself a place on “Better Call Saul?”

[laughing] Maybe. You know “Better Call Saul” is… If anything as a one-time client or something.

Oh god it’d be amazing. who knows. I’ll keep that in mind. Next time I see Bob I’ll be like, Hey Bob nice show you got going on there. Awesome roles there… Oh God, unemployment right now is a beautiful thing, but I’m sure I could talk to BOB. But yeah, something like that, something that just has great writing, “House of Cards,” that would be a lot of fun. I think there’s a lot sows right now that are out there and it’s so great, because for actors to have so much content at our disposal in acting, film, tv and often theatre. There’s so many projects to be a part of that it’s an exciting time. And superhero movies, you know Superhero movies are great I think, because it’s just escapism. It’s you going to a movie and suspending reality for two second an just taking a journey. And when they’re done well, god, there so much fun. What is one superhero property you would want to be in? If you could be in any superhero movie what would it be?

Of all time, or the ones that are coming out right now? Of all time.

Oh God, I’ll answer that question but you’re going to have to tell me your top three movies of all time to show you how hard this question’s gonna be. [Chuckles] It is very difficult.

I would have loved to have been a part of what “Iron Man” did for superhero movies. I think when Robert Downey Jr. brought Tony Stark to life, it was the first time that you got this sense of a superhero as a cocky guy that just doesn’t care, but he kind of does. Oh my God, the way that he talks to people and the way that he is, is fantastic. It is.

I would have loved to been part of that. Or right now, “Guardians of the Galaxy.” God, Chris Pratt. What a way to bring the unlikely superhero, or unwilling superhero back into it and make it funny and cool. I think, you know, being able to show that a superhero movie can be so funny is awesome. Well, let’s put it out there. Because “Guardians of the Galaxy” has a lot of characters that are potentially going to make their way to the big screen. So, let’s put that out there. Maybe you’ll be on “Guardians 2,” and I’ll give you a call back and you can tell me how amazing that was.

Oh my god yes, let’s put it out there [Laughing]. Let’s put it out there and make it happen.

I know, hopefully. Wow. Can you imagine the next interview? You’d be like, Hey I told you so. I’d be like, god where, can I send you a bottle of Tequila somewhere please? At the next interview, then we pick the next movie that your’e going to be in. Hopefully I’ll keep it going.

Exactly, yes! And then at the end of my career, how Pooya predicted every single one of Roberto’s motion pictures. Thank you. [Laughing] It’s all a real-life “Back to the Future” scenario. That’s all it is.

Yeah exactly, right? There you go. Now we start see the movies you’re a fan of. Exactly, the nerd-ism comes out.


2015-06-13 10.32.16 amRoberto Aguire gave FilmFad 40 minutes of fantastic and varied conversation, delving deeper into some of his inspirations of the acting craft, giving advice to aspiring actors, and discussing his dream job of neuroscience if he wasn’t acting. Make sure to check out FilmFad’s full interview with Roberto below, and be sure to check out the intelligent drama, and one of Robin Williams final films, “Boulevard’ which hits theaters July 17, 2015.






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