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Review: ‘Trolls’ Is Musical Fun For Families But Maybe Not Everyone

Review: ‘Trolls’ Is Musical Fun For Families But Maybe Not Everyone


“Trolls” may leave you with upbeat songs stuck in your head.

Giants known as Bergens invade the Trolls’ village to consume them for their happiness. As the trolls relocate to a new home, they believe they are safe until one particular Bergen kidnaps a few of the happy creatures. The happiest troll Princess Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and Branch (Justin Timberlake) form an unlikely alliance to save their friends setting off on a journey all their own.

Cinematics (Cinematography, Acting, Plot, etc.) – 3

Dreamworks has a particular style of animation that identifies them. While it may not carry the appeal of Pixar, the studio that brought us “Shrek” still carries some visual clout. The “Trolls” visual aesthetics are reliant upon vibrant, saturated colors that maintain surface-level appeal throughout the film.

The story almost emulates “Smurfs.” A grotesque group of creatures seek out the trolls to consume so that they can absorb their happiness. It’s a rather grim tale but manages to make itself palatable for younger audiences with well timed humor. One complaint I have about the humor is that it seems to be geared towards younger audiences specifically. Unlike “Shrek” or “Lego Batman” that incorporate subtle adult humor, “Trolls” seems to have a particular audience in mind.

The aspect of this film that does translate well for all audiences is the cast. Justin Timberlake fits well into the voice acting role playing a more paranoid troll. Anna Kendrick’s vocal diction correlates well with the princess role bringing her expected, upbeat charisma. Both actors also exude chemistry given their similar style of humor and the film’s musical basis. Collaboratively they produce some catchy music that may inspire a sing-a-long every now and then.


“Timberlake and Kendrick exude chemistry given their similar style of humor and the film’s musical basis. “

Overall “Trolls” was comprised of simplicity that produced an adequate but not exceptionally creative film. This is not an animated movie that will bridge the gap between young and old like some other films we’ve seen in recent years. But with catchy music and some upbeat performances from Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, “Trolls” finds just as many strengths as it does weaknesses.

Entertainment Value – 3.5


“Trolls” was still a fun ride despite being simple fun.”

The visuals and the music have to be the highlights in the realm of entertainment. The full spectrum of colors combined with some of the most catchy songs I’ve heard in an animated film, keep the joy going throughout. There are a number of covers that are recognizable in their revitalized form. The Justin Timberlake original “Can’t Stop The Feeling,” was catchy prior to seeing its implementation in “Trolls” but further proves its resonance when applied to this film’s bubbly, upbeat theme.

The areas where “Trolls” dragged were related to its static plot. Predictability is common throughout as further character development remains stagnant, running second to the musical focus. But despite the common elements, “Trolls” was still a fun ride despite being simple fun.

Re-Watchability – 3

Families would benefit most from the “Trolls” replay value. I’ve heard from many parents that concur stating that their children cannot get enough. As a single adult without children, a full replay of the movie may be a bit excessive, but the key musical moments could merit at least one more view.

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"Trolls" targets a specific family demographic with its simple fun and colorful story. While it may not carry the prestige of Pixar animated films, it does have character all its own. The music is catchy, the characters are quirky, and this should be a solid film for families looking to entertain their young ones.

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