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Review: ‘Deadpool’ Brings the Unfiltered Chaos You’d Expect

Review: ‘Deadpool’ Brings the Unfiltered Chaos You’d Expect


Deadpool is the R-rated superhero you’ve been waiting for!



It’s crude, obscene, raw, and essentially all over the place. But would you expect anything less from “Deadpool?” As one of the few rated R superhero films (don’t forget about “Blade”), “Deadpool” pushes that rating to its limits reinforcing the idea that this is not a typical family superhero film. But through its chaotically vulgar nature, “Deadpool” manages to find its place and entertain those who have been anxiously awaiting the “real” big screen debut of the “merc with the mouth.”

Cinematics (Cinematography, Acting, Plot, Etc.) – 3.5

Remember when you first saw Robert Downey Jr. on screen as Tony Stark/Iron Man? He redefined the character so much that even Iron Man creator Stan Lee made the statement “Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man.” Not since “Iron Man” has an actor redefined a superhero in that capacity…until now.

People have been saying that Deadpool is the role that Ryan Reynolds was born to play and they couldn’t be more correct. Despite falling into the usual Ryan Reynolds style of acting, his actions and mannerisms fall right in line with the characteristics of Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. It’s odd to hear the same comedic sarcasm heard in films like “Van Wilder” but somehow I became totally immersed with the idea that Ryan Reynolds is undeniably “Deadpool” and has established the standard for future roles.


The rebooted Colossus is new and improved!

While Reynolds was the star and shined the brightest, the two new additions to the Fox superhero squad were both welcomed and intriguing. Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) supplemented Deadpool’s jokes with her quiet teenage angst. Not to mention her her powers were just plain cool. The other standout character was the rebooted version of Colossus. With the voice of actor Stefan Kapicic, this character had the accent we’d expect from the Russian X-Man and also established the juxtaposition of hero (Colossus) versus anti-hero (Deadpool).

As for the other characters, I found them to be non-existent due to either a lack of screen time or just uninteresting. Ajax (Ed Skrien) was a very static villain without much depth and his sidekick Angel Dust (Gina Carano) was even more stale. I do think that Weasel (TJ Miller) and Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) could have benefited from more screen time but, like most of the other characters, they were overshadowed by Deadpool.

The story that tied these characters together wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. It’s expected that the plot would be on simpler side given the content. It does not take away from how enjoyable the film is, but it does follow a reused formula we’ve seen in many films. While it does mock this formula we see the common progression of guy meets girl, girl needs rescuing, and the guy becomes the hero she needs.


The action sequences are fluid and visually engaging

Some of the best parts of “Deadpool” were the action sequences. The simultaneous flow of fast paced fight choreography and slow motion bullets flying through the air were visually captivating. The slow motion scenes also allowed for the unconventional breaking of the fourth wall. As a signature Deadpool trait, he continually talks to the readers in his comic books and talks to the audience throughout this film. It surprisingly works well without taking away from engagement and actually supplements the film’s quality. It’s a risky move but the risk paid off.

Overall the plot was simple and the supporting characters could have used some work. But despite these minor flaws, “Deadpool” is actually a surprise on a cinematic level. It was visually appealing, Ryan Reynolds embodied the character, and it took risks that paid off.

Entertainment Value – 4.5

When it comes to entertainment “Deadpool” is just about the epitome of pure unadulterated fun. It’s got comedy, visual appeal, action, and a character that you want to both emulate and laugh at.

The story is easy to follow which also creates mindless entertainment that finds appeal on multiple levels. This might not go down in history as the best superhero film but it may be the most unique. The R rating gives it a chance to take a lot of risks and those risks produced high rewards.

Re-Watchability – 4

Reiterating many points that were touched on in the entertainment section, this film exudes many forms of appeal. The laughs can be had again and the action and fun can continue on after multiple viewings. I think this will be a go to superhero film that will be a definite addition to my collection.

Blu-ray Extras

This is a Blu-ray for features! When you watch this film and recognize the tone and humor, it was practically predetermined that this film would be packed with Blu-ray extras. The gag reel brings even more humor to the movie and has us question whether or not Ryan Reynolds is a real life Wade Wilson aka Deadpool.

This has been one of my favorite Blu-rays to own this year and I think I could probably do a review solely on these features. From the already mentioned gag reel, to the commentary, to the “Deadpool signature extras,” this Blu-ray is the reason why we buy movies to own. Check out the more in-depth unboxing below.


Directed By: Tim Miller

Written By: Rob Liefeld (character), Fabian Nicieza (character)

Cast : Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller

Runtime: 1hr 48min

MPAA Rating: R

  • Cinematics
  • Entertainment Value
  • Rewatchability


"Deadpool" is simple, crude, and unconventional but it's also a blast! The risks it takes with its vulgar nature and chaotic cinematic elements ends up paying off big. This film will surely be one of Fox's biggest successes.

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