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Is ‘Preacher’ On The Verge Of Cancellation?

Is ‘Preacher’ On The Verge Of Cancellation?


The “Preacher” Two-Night premiere hits AMC tonight, but a peculiar marketing decision may allude to a potentially fatal problem for the series.

With the kickoff to “Preacher” premiere only hours away, AMC’s final marketing push comes across as awfully peculiar. Instead of showcasing the characters or set as a symbolic precursor what’s to come this season, the poster in bold letters above features recent films created by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen with a picture of the pair below.



As a show moving into its second season, one would imagine that “Preacher” has already established enough of a fan following and viewer interest not to need to cash in on Seth Rogen so directly. To me that seems like something a series that’s on the ropes would do, a scenario where the network has no confidence in the rapport of its characters. They even dangle a sneak peak teaser call to action button to bait viewers.

See the questionable “Preacher” promo image below:


This blatant use of Rogen to wrangle any last minute viewer for their premiere event seems suspiciously ominous. Even the file name,”preacher-S2-TONIGHT-seth-evan-blast.jpg,” is a cringe-inducing statement. I may be reading into to much, but I just feel like if “Preacher” was healthy Rogen would by a “brought to you by” text header on the promo material at best.

The “Preacher” Two-Night premiere begins on AMC tonight at 10/9C.

What do you think? Is preacher on the verge of cancellation, or is this standard practice? Tell us below!

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