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Pennywise Speaks in new ‘IT’ Trailer

Just when things get quiet again Pennywise returns as a new ‘IT’ trailer drops.

Yes Stephen King’s iconic book starring the famous clown, Pennywise seems to be creating quite the hype for itself. Earlier today Warner Bros. released the official trailer. How does it stack up to those teaser trailers? Here’s the trailer for you below. Though be warned if you are someone with coulrophobia (fear of clowns) then this may be too much for you as there is A LOT of it in here.

So the main new feature of this trailer is that we finally get to hear Pennywise speak. That may not seem all that earthshaking. However, up until this point none of the teasers had shown this before. It certainly made me wonder if they were going to make Pennywise a silent killer. While on first glance that may not seem all that big of an issue, it would be like if they made Freddy Krueger silent. A BIG part of the character and appeal is how deliciously evil they are. Also, how much they love talking to their victims (salting the meat). Those who know the story would know without him being able to talk it would make explaining what It is rather difficult.

Other than that there isn’t a whole lot new. I mean there are plenty of new shots so if you just want to see more, then it’s good for that. While it does seem like there will be some jump scares it also seems like it will focus on character and mood and atmosphere like any good horror film should. I could be incredibly wrong when the film comes out, but for now speaking for myself I’m extremely excited. Also, see if you can catch the Tim Curry cameo in this trailer. “IT” will be released in the US on September 8th, 2017. See you there…

What do you think? Does the new ‘IT’ trailer make you want to see the film?

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