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New York Comic Con 2015 Recap and Cosplay Gallery

New York Comic Con 2015 Recap and Cosplay Gallery


New York Comic Con 2015 makes its presence known in the Big Apple!

We have been to a plethora of conventions but when it comes to to the comic con right of passage, everyone knows the big names. While San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) has been known as the mecca for quite some time, 2015 may be the year of New York Comic Con. On attendance alone New York is claiming to have surpassed San Diego and our coverage of the event may provide detail as to why.

Check out’s NYCC 2015 Extended ReCap Video filled with Cosplay, Artist Alley & Celebrity interviews, Showfloor tour and much more!


Day 1:


Back to the Future Delorean

Arriving around 5AM on a minimal amount of sleep and a necessity for either a bed or a java-induced pick-me-up, we were forced to choose the latter of the two. As with any big city, New York City abides by a 3PM check in for its hotel guests and given the convention attendance, an early check-in was not happening. So to prep for the 4 hour wait for the Javits Center to open its doors, Pooya stayed progressively caffeinated and then the high of the convention kicked in to keep us moving.

Entering the Javits Center we immediately saw a replica “Back to the Future” Delorean which was there to honor the upcoming Back to the Future Day on October 21st. This was probably the best replica Delorean that I had ever seen from the classic “Back to the Future” films and we must have stood there in awe for about 10 minutes taking photo after photo.

After we broke our concentration from the Delorean, we started to get a lay of the land. It was Thursday morning which is slow for any convention so it provided a perfect opportunity. Not to say that attendees weren’t there because they definitely were, but day 1 was probably the only day that we could get from point A to point B without falling into a cattle herd of cosplayers. We did a quick run of the showroom floor, stopped by to say hello to a few celebrities and artists that we had spoken with in the past, then started journaling the event overall through pictures and video.




Seth Meyers filming a special cosplay episode of “Late Night”

While making our way to Artist Alley, we caught a big surprise. SNL Weekend Update alum Seth Meyers was shooting a special edition of his show “Late Night with Seth Meyers” at the convention. For those that line up in New York to catch a live taping of the show without gaining access, this was quite a treat. While the celebrities were plentiful, Seth Meyers took a different approach to booking his guests.

This time around it was the attendees that got to appear on Seth Meyers’ couch. Cosplayers lined up to appear on the show and Seth introduced them as the characters they were emulating. It was a gesture that resonated with fans and showed the true heart of the convention as fans circled around the taping keeping respectfully quiet as their brethren sat in the hot seat. For those that didn’t get the pleasure of sitting in the seat, they all got to see the mechanics and intricate details of what goes into a talk show. For us, that was probably our favorite part.


Seth Meyers interviews Iron Man at NYCC 2015

The rest of day 1 was spent getting acclimated with our surroundings and covering the convention as a whole. We headed back to the hotel to get things in order for day 2 plans then had an offsite screening and Q & A for “The Final Girls” with Director Todd Strauss-Schulson. While there was a screening for “The Final Girls” at New York Comic Con earlier that day, we went through a PR company we work with to have a more intimate engagement off site.

Day 2:

To start off our second day we grabbed some caffiene, skipped breakfast, grabbed some low-quality quick eats, and then proceeded to start our second day of coverage. Glenn, Pooya, and I started again with some cosplay coverage and then made our way down to Artist Alley to get to the root of where comic book heroes got their start.

We interviewed a variety of artists including Erik Larsen (“Spider-Man,” “Savage Dragon”), Fabian Nicieza (“Deadpool”) and even Run DMC’s Darryl McDaniels about his new comic.

Moving from Artist Alley we ran into a bit of a bottleneck as the crowds grew and the hallways became packed. No one could move and security had to open up new areas for crowds to exit. While it had us a bit annoyed, it was a testament to the attendance of New York Comic Con 2015.

Moving on from Artist Alley we went on to cover the showroom floor. After we made it through the slew of people slowly moving along on the showroom floor, we started hitting the panels.


Pooya with Jere Burns

The first panel we hit was “The Americans” panel where I was the rookie amongst the Film Fad group. But I have to say after sitting through the panel and seeing the clips of the show, I am more than ready to get my fix of the FX show. The panel that followed was opened by Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC to present the talent behind TBS’ upcoming show “Angie Tribeca” which included talents such as Rashida Jones and Jere Burns.

We were pleasantly surprised by the premiere of the show’s first episode as we were taken back to a more nostalgic time of comedy. I caught a notable sense of humor similar to the times of “Airplane,” “Police Squad,” and “The Naked Gun.” My observation was later confirmed once we got to the Q&A portion of the panel and all of these titles were referenced as influences. When we got the chance to ask why a show directed by Steve Carell was on cable rather than broadcast TV, Rashida Jones gave a hilarious answer. “Well we got to say sh*t twice!” After the panel wrapped, Pooya grabbed a quick photo with Jere Burns and then we headed to our final panel for the night.


Rashida Jones at New York Comic Con

The final panel of our night was “Batman: Bad Blood” which is a new animated film coming soon. The trailer footage that we saw followed an interesting plot where Batman was taken over by Nightwing after Batman as supposedly been killed. The film will feature a plethora of Batman like heroes including Batwing, Batwoman, Nightwing, Batman, and Robin (Damien Wayne). From what we saw, I think we are all now excited for this film.


After the last panel we were absolutely exhausted from walking so we headed back to the hotel, did some editing, and prepared for day 3.


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