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New “Black Panther” Trailer Reveals A Surprise Villain


The latest trailer for the upcoming “Black Panther” movie proves that this property has the potential to be the best Marvel installment yet, but will the new revealing trailer spoil the audience’s appetite?



From it’s opening seconds, the new “Black Panther” trailer immediately showcases the fictional techo-kingdom of Wakanda, and it is blissful. Perhaps one of the most well-cast of the Marvel films, “Black Panther” has fan anticipation steadily above 100%. But will a overly revealing trailer give away too much, ultimately dampening the rabid appetite of fans and potentially box office numbers?

While fans already had some certainty that motion-capture phenom Andy Serkis’ nefarious Ulysses Klaue would be the big baddie for this first installment to the budding “Black Panther” franchise, few realized how Miles B. Jordan’s character would be incorporated. Well, assume no more. Jordan is revealed to be Klaue’s co-hort, likely a scorned sibling or royal class Wakandan, discontent with the newly appointed King T’Challa’s reign. Judging only by appearances, it would seem to be a similar cliche device that will likely push Jordan’s character into an alliance with one of Wakanda’s greatest foes. The kicker, however, is the reveal of Jordan as a second Panther?

Having a “second Panther” raises so many questions, such as – Is the Panther suit employed by all high level Wakandan warriors? How many suits are there? Who is the true Black Panther?

One thing is for sure, and that is that this trailer seems to follow suit with the recent trend of overly revealing (and story damaging) trailers. Excited, but also a little bummed…

Check out the new “Black Panther” trailer below:

What do YOU think of the latest “Black Panther” trailer? Did they reveal too much? Tell us below!

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Marty Nozz

Saw the movie last week, and was looking to see if you guys had a review up. I’d been avoiding reviews so I could go into it fresh. Did you guys not do one?







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