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Five “Suicide Squad” Trailer Moments That Kill

Five “Suicide Squad” Trailer Moments That Kill

Suicide Squad - Harley Quinn - Margot Robbie - Baseball Bat -

We’re bad guys. It’s what we do. – Harley Quinn



If you have even slightly browsed the Internet in the past 20 hours, then you most certainly have already seen the new “Suicide Squad” trailer. You’ve probably also seen a bunch of special footage and marketing fodder from Warner Bros/DC’s upcoming cinematic properties, which begs the question “WHAT THE F$%^!?”

The trailer and special footage was introduced during The CW’s Dawn Of The Justice League special, a promotional event in which Kevin Smith (“Mallrats”) and renown comic writer Geoff Johns giddily talked about the expected release dates and mythos surrounding the individual DC film properties.

Now, with the introductory setup out of the way, let’s talk five reason why the new “Suicide Squad” trailer makes this a killer must-see summer blockbuster.


The Suicide Squad -

5. Baddies and Bullets By The Dozen

Up until now, the “Suicide Squad” was suffering. All fans were given was some concept art, a few magazine covers and an abstract teaser that really gave no sense of tone or personality to the film. Well, that all just changed. And How! The beefy new and improved “Suicide Squad” trailer gives audiences a full two and half minutes of  DC fan adulating “Bad Guys,” bullets, bombs, hope for the prosperity and purpose for this once meandering project. Every single moment of this trailer is cram packed with cinematic morsels that will make any blockbuster movie goer’s saliva spill over. Not to mention the destructive substance/entity that they are TASKed with FORCEfully X-ing out (get it?) looks to be pretty bad @ss in an of itself. Basically, this film is rife with mayhem and destruction all under the controlled calm of Amanda Waller (Viola Davis).


Killer Croc - Suicide Squade -

4. Killer Croc Eats People!

As a long time fan of Detective Comics and the ever so popular “Batman” animated series, I was mostly excited to see how Killer Croc would translate to the big screen. After seeing the new trailer, Croc looks like what the lizard from “Amazing Spider-Man” should have looked like. Adding prosthetics to the already bulky 6’2″ Croc actor Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje (“The Borne Identity”) makes this sewer dwelling menace a major force to be reckoned with. Oh yeah, he also EATS PEOPLE! I already feel for the guards/soldiers who stand against this brawny apex predator. As of the latest trailer, Killer Croc has snarled, exploded from the water and shredded some guard’s guts into my good favor. It’s great that this trailer gave the stage to many of the lesser known ‘Squad’ members (more like lesser known actors). Just as the ravenous Croc burst from beneath the placid sewer water in the trailer, I flushed my preconceived negativity down the pipes.


Harley Quinn - Margot Robbie - Suicide Squad -

3. Harley Quinn is Properly Deranged!

We don’t always want to see the lesser known actors. Sometimes we want to see the most hyped characters in full-on insane mode. Case and point – Harley Quinn. Margot Robbie’s little trickster is far from a distressed damsel. This is precisely what fans of the “Batman Animated Series,” which birthed the harlequin like character, grew to love. While we already saw glimpses of Robbie’s Harley well before the first trailer, her first bit of dialogue definitely reinforces her cyanide-like onscreen charisma. Robbie is not only well researched, but simply perfect for the part from every angle (har har… pause/rewind). Harley Quinn will easily be one of the most integral keys to this prison-breaking blockbuster’s box-office success. She especially steals the scene in the moment where she seems to be congregating with her assorted partners in crime, only to tell the surrounding soldiers that the voices in her head told her to kill them all. What makes it signature Harley is the addition of her quipping that she was just kidding and THAT’S not what they told her. I’m just one “Hiya Mr. J” away from a nerdgasm.


Deashot - Will Smith - Suicide Squad - Guns -

2. Deadshot looks Bad @ss!

Deadshot - Will Smith - Suicide squad -

Will Smith as Deadshot.

While Will Smith still isn’t getting nominated for an Oscar this year, he’s going to look badass come August as the sharpshooting Deadshot. What’s even cooler is that Deadshot Smith (a great band name by the way… Don’t steal it) is rocking the signature mask! Well a pretty gnarly cinematic version of it anyway. I undoubtably have to appreciate any household name/top paid Hollywood actor that’s willing to cover their moneymaker (face). At the same time, this probably made it much easier for the stunt team to double Smith, as I doubt he did all of his own stunts. If so, I would honor him with the 1st (and likely only) Stephen Amell Award For Performing One’s Own Stunts… Well. No Oscar buzz will come of this movie, but it still will be AWESOME! Deadshot + Mask + Muzzle Flashes = holy sh*t I didn’t think Will Smith could pull it off.


Joker - Suicide Squad -

1. The Joker is a F$&@ing Psychopath!

Gun Joker - Suicide Squade -

Jared Leto as The Joker.

After much conjecture as to what kind of personality Jared Leto would bring to our beloved killer clown, this trailer finally gives us the motherf$%*ing Joker! And it is glorious! From lighting up a crowd with tommy gun while sporting a snazzy suit and rocking a mouth full of gold to an Olympics worthy swan dive into an unknown vat of chemicals, the Joker is hands down the most intriguing and property rejuvenating thing about the new trailer. Yes. Some quadrants of the web have yet to relinquish their undying allegiance to the late Heath Ledger’s Joker, but I feel that this new trailer will adequately coax non-believers into drinking the Kool-Aid (which tastes like copper). I want to see every moment of car-roof punching, weapons circle napping (or is it Arms Clock Ticking?) and Batman vexing that the Joker has to offer. Ladies and gentlemen, if the new trailer didn’t make your trousers react in some way then check your pulses. The Joker may have already killed you.


Watch the latest trailer for “Suicide Squad” below.

What did you think about the new “Suicide Squad” trailer? We want to know. So? Tell us in the comment section below!

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