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Film Fad votes on Netflix Originals…which original won?

Film Fad votes on Netflix Originals…which original won?

Ryan’s Pick: Daredevil

Daredevil Netflix Original

Ryan’s Pick: Daredevil


Ryan’s Pick: Daredevil

While it seems obvious that I would choose “Daredevil” being such a Marvel fanboy, I actually chose this based off the same criteria that I judge many films and television shows. “Daredevil” definitely appeased my fanboy side but despite that arguable bias, Netflix has presented us with a series that is more than worthy of being included in a cinematic universe, particularly the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Outside of the superhero aspect, “Daredevil” gives us a rich story with rich characters. Starting with the main character Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), we are given a story of triumph over adversity. While Murdock may have gained superpowers, his accomplishments in spite of his disabilities and tragedies showcase another type of hero as well. Watching his life as a blind lawyer is interesting enough. Seeing how he is able to use his senses to gain an edge in his profession combined with a double life that is above the law creates a plot dynamic that is unique among a sea of cookie cutter programming.

With all of that being just one side of the coin, on the other side lies Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) who comes from a troubled past just like Murdock. The difference is that Fisk’s plan to save the city stems from aggression and fear which makes him the Murdock’s nemesis despite seeking the same goal. Like Murdock, Fisk is a thoroughly dynamic character that has a rich story. As both Murdock and Fisk have their stories further explored they and those they interact with coincide like a candle burning at both ends. When that candle finally burns out, you’re left with an ending that has you ready to light another candle.

The final aspect that sets “Daredevil” apart from other Netflix shows is its entertainment value. Sure, I binge watch “House of Cards” every season and the character development in “Bloodline” is exceptional. But when “Daredevil” captures those aspects and then adds in some of the most beautifully choreographed fight scenes in the realm of both TV and film, I have to acknowledge the edge it has over the other shows. Outside of cinematic elements, “Daredevil” is also a fun ride that you’re ready to experience again and again. Netflix definitely has some quality originals, but I think “Daredevil” will be the only one I watch through again.

Netflix Original Choices:

  • Lilyhammer : 0
  • House of Cards : 1
  • Hemlock Grove : 0
  • Orange is the New Black : 2
  • Marco Polo : 0
  • Bloodline : 1
  • Daredevil : 1
  • Bojack Horseman : 0
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt : 0

Winner: Orange is the New Black!

Well, according to the tally “Orange is the New Black” is the “best” original series from Netflix. While many disagree with this choice, the majority does rule. Maybe it’s proof that democracy doesn’t work…haha.

What is your vote for best Netflix Original?

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