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Film Fad votes on Netflix Originals…which original won?

Film Fad votes on Netflix Originals…which original won?

Pooya’s Pick: Orange is the New Black

Netflix Orange is the New Black

Pooya’s Pick: Orange is the New Black


Now heading into its 3rd season, Jenji Kohan’s “Orange is the New Black” is not only empowering women but also giving audiences a highly watchable series… and Netflix an Emmy nomination engine!

It’s hard to declare one original to be the best among such a varied playing field, but I will say “Orange is the New Black” excels in the following 3 areas.

Uniqueness: What started with a shower scene glimpse of Taylor Schillings humble breasts quickly transcends the skin deep superficiality to join the ranks of the most unique and relatable shows of the decade. There are few shows that showcase an almost entirely female ensemble cast, and even fewer that explore the penile retention of women and associated post trial tribulations.

Tone: The show beautifully blends humor with the drama, never allowing the sometimes inherent comedy to dull the, at times, grippingly abrasive tone and setting.

Provocativeness: this is a series about a bunch of women who have been incarcerated for various crimes learning to live together, so you can imagine there is a certain amount of inherent provocativeness. Just as Jenji Kohan did with her hit series “Weeds,” “Orange is the New Black” bravely touches on homosexuality, females in prison, bureaucracy, preconceptions and societies view of inmates all the while having fun.

Netflix Original Choices:

  • Lilyhammer : 0
  • House of Cards : 1
  • Hemlock Grove : 0
  • Orange is the New Black : 2
  • Marco Polo : 0
  • Bloodline : 1
  • Daredevil : 0
  • Bojack Horseman : 0
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt : 0

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