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Emma Watson to Star in Beauty & The Beast

Emma Watson to Star in <em>Beauty & The Beast</em>

Emma Watson Belle

“Harry Potter” star Emma Watson has been cast as the lead in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.”

Emma Watson revealed today on her Facebook page that she will be Belle in Disney‘s upcoming live action version of “Beauty and the Beast.” Watson expressed her gratitude for being selected for the role and the excitement of singing the songs that she knew growing up.

With the live action version of Cinderella just around the corner and last year’s release of “Maleficent,” it comes as no surprise that “Beauty and the Beast” is in the works. Emma Watson is very fitting for the role of Belle with her youthful, natural beauty and resume of films like “Harry Potter” and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” “Harry Potter” gives Emma Watson the magical fantasy perspective needed while “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” shows off her range as an actress.

While we all saw Emma Watson grow in the “Harry Potter” films, she has embraced her womanhood taking on more adult roles. Although she may have shown off her risqué side in “The Bling Ring” and vulgar side with her cameo in “This is the End,” she still seems to retain her innocence. This innocent yet mature persona is what makes her so fitting for a Disney princess character.

Horns Daniel Radcliffe -

Daniel Radcliffe as The Beast? HAHA

Now that they have their beauty, the only question now is who will be her beast? Daniel Radcliffe maybe? (Kidding!)

What do you think of Emma Watson as Belle?

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