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Donald Trump SNL Appearance Shamed By Hispanic Coalition

Donald Trump SNL Appearance Shamed By Hispanic Coalition


The Hispanic Coalition asks Lorne Michaels to rescind Donald Trump’s SNL invitation.

In a recent letter from the Hispanic Coalition, Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels was asked to rescind Donald Trump‘s invitation to host the show. They felt that Lorne Michaels was insensitively having Trump on as a ratings boost without concern for the Hispanic perspective in the United States. The letter also further enforced their “disgust” with the collaboration.

“We are appalled that you would enable Trump’s hateful speech for nothing (more) than a ratings ploy and ask that you rescind the SNL invitation,”

About two months ago NBC showed their separation from Trump when they replaced him on “Celebrity Apprentice” with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Their distance from Trump was reported to be due to his opinion of Hispanic immigrants which makes his appearance on “SNL” interesting to say the least.

To have Donald Trump on the network that disassociated themselves with him could have been why the Hispanic Coalition was so adamant about Trump being removed. Since NBC restructured a hit reality series to show their dissent for Trump’s opinions, the Hispanic Coalition could have seen Trump’s SNL appearance as NBC changing opinion. If this gets called into question, it could be an interesting string of controversial events for NBC.

Lorne Michaels responded to the letter in a short but simple way.

“the show will go on.”

Lorne is very much all business when it comes to his show. While Lorne is currently holding to his word, Felix Sanchez of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts has additional concerns about the show. Sanchez urges cast members to boycott the show stating that SNL doesn’t have enough Hispanic cast members in addition to the concern of Trump’s appearance.

What do you think? Should Donald Trump’s invitation be revoked?

This was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

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Marty Nozz

The distancing of Trump from NBC was due to him running for president. You can’t run and have you’re own TV show due to rules about advertising your campaign. Being asked to host on SNL is something different and its nice to see the show stick to their guns.







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