Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to replace Donald Trump on “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

Since NBC said “You’re Fired” to Donald Trump on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” people have been wondering who would be his replacement. Well it seems like audiences may be even more excited for the latest star of the show. “Terminator” star Arnold Schwarzenegger will be taking the role of the boss in the show as production moves to his home state of California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger may be a more recognizable name that Donald Trump with his long time film and body building career along with his run as Governor of California. While many viewers tuned in on a weekly basis to watch Trump fire people, Arnold may sound a bit more charismatic and “punny” as he utters the words “You’re Fired!”

What a show like “The Celebrity Apprentice” needs is a prominent figure with a lot of character. And that’s not necessarily speaking to integrity, but rather being a character themselves. When people talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger they more than often speak of him while imitating his strong accent. Phrases like “I’ll Be Back” and “Hasta la vista” are some of his most common catch phrases but he’s also said the phrase “You’re Fired” in the film “True Lies.” This of course was a pun used to describe his action of firing a jet missile with a terrorist attached.

His puns may be the biggest reason to be excited about Arnold Schwarzenegger hosting “The Celebrity Apprentice” but he also has the experience to back up the role. In addition to his lustrous film career, achievements in body building, and being governor of California, he’s been an amazing motivational speaker for advocating the “American Dream.” He started as an Austrian immigrant with a dream of coming to America and making something of himself and that he did. He’s proven his success in multiple ventures and is currently worth over $300 million dollars and is still making films.

I can’t help but wonder if his success as an Austrian immigrant had any influence over NBC’s decision to bring him on board. Given that Donald Trump was recently fired for his views on Mexican immigrants, highlighting Arnold’s own history as an immigrant could be great publicity on their part.

How do you feel about Arnold Schwarzenegger as the new host of “The Celebrity Apprentice?”

This was first reported by TMZ