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Disney’s Big Hero 6 Releases New Full Clip!

Disney’s Big Hero 6 Releases New Full Clip!

Big-Hero-6-poster-11 As Disney is set to release their newest animated feature ‘Big Hero 6’ on November 7th, the Mouse House has released a new full clip to promote the movie.  Based on the Marvel comic of the same name (though Marvel is not directly involved with the production), the film follows Hiro Hamada and his robot, Baymax, as they put together a group of novice crime fighters to uncover a criminal plot that is set to take over their city (the fictional San Fransokyo).

The clip does a great job of introducing us to the two main characters of the movie, though I am willing to bet that Baymax will win over kids and adults alike much in the same way Olaf did in ‘Frozen’ with his wit and unintentional humor.  As a parent, I am looking forward to this movie, as it appears it will appeal to adults just as much as children.  I am marking this movie down on the calendar as our Thanksgiving weekend family movie outing.

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