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Chris Farley Read for Shrek Check out the Footage Here!

Chris Farley Read for Shrek Check out the Footage Here!


Chris Farley was almost Shrek!

What if Chris Farley played the role of “Shrek” instead of Mike Myers? Today we can get a glimpse of what that may be like in this lost and recently found test footage of Chris Farley voicing the role of our favorite green ogre. Take a look below.

The “what could have been” moments are always interesting in Hollywood. Now when we think of “Shrek” we can’t think of anything other than Mike Myers’ thick Scottish accent. Hearing Chris Farley voice the role is just a bit odd to say the least. He doesn’t have the deep, authoritative tone of Mike Myers’ voice and hearing Farley yell out “Donkey!” would just not be the same.

This footage comes about just in time for the upcoming documentary I Am Chris Farley and just adds fuel to the fire for its release. I’m not sure whether the documentary will include this footage or if the documentary was where the footage was found, but it’s interesting to see how the world would have changed if Chris Farley was alive today. Who knows what roles he would have taken or where his career would have gone. This “Shrek” read may sound a bit odd based off of what we’ve come to know, but if Chris Farley would have been cast this may have set the norm for us. It may have even been a different film through his vocal responses to emotion within the film.

It’s a devastating blow to lose Chris Farley but definitely interesting to see his potential. While this footage may just be a small glimpse, it does intrigue me and make me wonder about his upcoming documentary.

What do you think of Chris Farley as Shrek? Would it have changed the film?

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