Chris Farley Documentary

The trailer for the bio-documentary “I Am Chris Farley” has landed!

Back in May we announced the upcoming documentary about the life of Chris Farley and today we have a trailer that gives us a preview of what’s to come. In the trailer we see many classic Chris Farley moments from his SNL days and film but also see some footage of personal moments throughout his life. The tale is told from the perspectives of many notable actors and comedians as well as members of Chris Farley’s family. Take a look at the trailer below.

I was a big Chris Farley fan. While he gained my laughter from his characters on Saturday Night Live and his popular films like “Tommy Boy,” it was “Beverly Hills Ninja” that was the laugh riot for me. Maybe it was because I was watching it with friends or maybe it was because of my sense of humor at the time, but I thought that film was hysterical when it released. I remember not being able to breathe from laughing so hard and it remains a permanent memory due to that laughter.

When it comes to the documentary “I Am Chris Farley,” I admit that I am intrigued to discover more about the actor/comedian that is associated with such a happy memory of mine. How could a man that brought so much laughter to people fall victim to his own internal demons and succumb to addiction? While we may know the story of Chris Farley on the surface, I hope that “I Am Chris Farley” is able to give us more insight in regards to the true Chris Farley. With so many other notable talents having such sincere words in this trailer, I’m sure that there is a lot to look forward to in this upcoming documentary.

How do you feel about the upcoming “I Am Chris Farley” documentary?