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Casting Call: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Reboot Fantasy Picks

Casting Call: <em>Ferris Bueller’s Day Off</em> Reboot Fantasy Picks

Jennifer Lawrence as Jeanie Bueller

Jennifer Grey - Jennifer Lawrence - Ferris Bueller -

Jennifer Grey (left) Jennifer Lawrence (right)

Jennifer Grey’s Jeanie Bueller was dark, tough, sardonic and simply infatuated with tarnishing her brother Ferris’ pristine reputation with their parents. Grey hails from a time in Hollywood where nose jobs ended careers rather than bolster their longevity.


With that said (the former… not so much the latter), the role would demand an equally dark, snarky and tough actress. I can think of no other better candidate than Katniss herself, Jennifer Lawrence. Her performance in “Silver Linings Playbook” was the ideal audition reel, proving Lawrence can balance dark and comedic with tremendous success.

Mathew Broderick & Mia Sara as Mr. and Mrs. Bueller

Lyman Ward & Cindy Pickett (left) and Mia Sara & Matthew Broderick (right)

Lyman Ward & Cindy Pickett (left) and Mia Sara & Matthew Broderick (right)

Bueller’s parents are not necessarily major players in the film, although their presence does hold significance. While Ferris strives to keep their image of him pristine, Jeanie strives to tarnish it. I think it would be a great nod to the iconic original to cast both Matthew Broderick and Mia Sara as the new parents. It would both give audiences (me) a glimpse into their (my) childhood and bring two seasoned actors close to the original, as well as chance to add a sense of continuity.

Steve Carrell as Economics Teacher

Ben Stein - Steve Carrell - Ferris Bueller -

Ben Stein (left) and Steve Carrell (right)

Who can forget Ben Stein’s famous “Bueller… Bueller…” scene? No one, that’s who (unless you never saw it, then you wouldn’t know it to forget it). I think Steve Carrell would be the ideal modern match to the desert dry economics teacher. Taking the deadpan Brick character from “Anchorman” and add a professorial twist, which should be no sweat for the oscar worthy Carrell, and you have the perfect predecessor.

Bradley Cooper as Juvenile Delinquent

Charlie Sheen - Bradley Cooper - Ferris Bueller -

Charlie Sheen (left) and Bradley Cooper (right)

This leaves us with Jeanie’s police station delinquent druggie day dream. Originally played by Charlie Sheen (who drew his motivation from his own life apparently), this scene is just as memorable as Ferris channeling John Lennon with his parade ensconced performance of “Twist and Shout.” So, since we are going with the “Silver Lining Playbook” Lawrence, let’s bring her on-screen counterpart Bradley Cooper in as the bad-boy to her Jeanie. Take Coopers careless “Hangover” attitude and add a few “research” sessions with Charlie Sheen and I’m sure he will hit the mark. Honestly, Cooper’s body of work is so diverse that I am confident he can play pretty much any role.

So, there you have it! Film Fad’s fantasy picks for a “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” reboot. What’d you like (What’d you hate)? Who would you pick? We want to know, so let us know in the comments below!

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I click on this thinking it’s a story for an actual sequel or reboot or whatever. Dude. You have too much time on your hands.


I appreciate your interest in the post but the “Casting Call” is a regular article that we do selecting our casting choices for classic films if they were rebooted. We even put “Fantasy Picks” in the title to ensure that readers caught that.

I also assure you that we have little to no time on our hands haha. Feel free to add some of your picks for who you think would be a good choice for casting if a reboot were to happen!

Thanks for reading!

Daniel Stowers

You want to recast it with old people?







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