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Review: ‘Flock of Dudes’ Tickles The Heart and Funny Bone

Review: ‘Flock of Dudes’ Tickles The Heart and Funny Bone


The latest comedy starring Chris D’Elia, Hilary Duff, and Eric André is worth the view and your money!

I can relate to many aspects of this adult coming-of-age tale, because… well, I’m a late-bloomer like these guys. So much so that several of the situations in this story are very similar to the ones I’ve experienced out here in Los Angeles, where the movie takes place ironically. This fact automatically triggers a relatable engine on my end, but “Flock of Dudes” is so smart and so well structured that it will entertain a wide array of audiences. Some of the comedic devices may be too over-exaggerated and campy for a small percentage of viewers, but the honesty lying beneath the superficial layers will send a bolt of charm through audiences across the globe.

Cinematics (Cinematography, Acting, Plot, etc.) – 3.5

The casting was very well done!

The casting was very well done!

The casting department did their job on this movie. Chris D’Elia is the drawing attraction for this one, but the secondary characters are so fresh that you’ll actually lose D’Elia in this ocean of comedy. This isn’t knocking D’Elia at all. I’ve always been a fan of his, and he does an excellent job as the protagonist. He’s never come off as an actor who could carry the entire load of a movie, though. That’s actually a blessing, in my opinion, because then you get create richer content with your fellow actors. The supporting cast carried this film just as much as D’Elia led the audience to the film’s charming climax.

The characters wouldn’t exist without a script. Bob Castrone, who’s also the director, Jason Zumwalt, and Brian Levin crafted an excellent piece of entertainment. None of the jokes are flat. The formulaic story structure keeps you guessing regardless of the story’s well-known theme. The dialogue is quick and fresh. You’ll feel as if you’re there with these characters while they bicker over the most ridiculous stuff.

But some jokes did fall flat at times...

But some jokes did fall flat at times…

Where things fall flat is with the actors’ deliveries. None of the jokes are terrible, but there are a few instances where they do fail because of poor execution on the actors’ parts. There aren’t enough instances for me to label any of these actors “not talented,” but the few did pull me out of my “movie-watching” element. Immersion is an important factor for any movie to accomplish, especially horrors and comedies, so I was a bit disappointed when some jokes/scenes didn’t work out for this talented cast.

Some of the editorial transitions did not fit. Bob Castrone loved using the “Fade To Black” transition at the end of scenes. Every time I saw it, the transition made me feel like I was watching something on iMovie. They didn’t work in the situations they were used, and my immersion factor fluttered a little every time.

Entertainment Value – 4

You'll have fun with this one!

You’ll have fun with this one!

Boy oh boy did I have fun watching this. It didn’t make me laugh out loud like “Dumb and Dumber” does to this day. But it made me feel comfortable and allowed me to enjoy myself. You know that feeling when you watch a movie that’s 100% enjoyable? That’s what I felt with “Flock of Dudes.” At no time did I ever want to pause the movie or take a quick break to use the bathroom. The film entertained me from minute number one to minute one hundred.

The comedy can be over-exaggerated and campy at times. This works for the majority of the film, but I did find myself getting annoyed during a few bickering matches the male characters have. It’s all okay, because the movie is FUNNY! The most simple way to describe the style of comedy is smart, stupid and dry, which is right up my alley. You’ll throw some small giggles, tiny chuckles, and big gales of laughter during this honest and emotional piece about the struggles of growing up… after you’ve already grown up.

Re-Watchability – 4

I’m going to absolutely watch this one again. Is it the type I might get tired of after several views? Possibly, but for now I’m trying to get as many of my friends on this bandwagon.

  • Cinematics
  • Entertainment Value
  • Rewatchability


You'll have fun with "Flock of Dudes." The script is fresh and packs a comedic punch, and the characters are all unforgettable for various reasons. Chris D'Elia leads audiences through this very formulaic story structure, but the incredible cast around him keep things unpredictable and humorous. Nothing is perfect in this world, and this film falls right along that fact. A few technical deficiencies and off choices by the actors may make audiences question how immersed they are in the story. Have no fear, though. The movie is very well done and carries enough honesty and emotion to make you want to watch it again and again. With how many times I laughed, I will for sure be watching this one again!

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