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7 Fictional Dogs I want to own

7 Fictional Dogs I want to own


We all love dogs, unless of course you’re one of those weirdo cat lovers.

I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve seen a dog onscreen you wanted to have. Well just don’t expect to see Old Yeller, Lassie or Benji on this list. Yes they are some of the most famous dogs of all-time. However, I haven’t actually seen any of those films and I want to be honest with you. Since I already mentioned Wishbone in another article consider him another honorable mention.

Honorable Mention:
Dan and Ann (“Where the Red Fern Grows”)

Basically I wanted to honor this film that I really love. However, they don’t make the cut because I’m not much of a hunting type person. Thus I have no real use for coon hunting dogs. Although, they are some of the most emotionally affecting dogs ever. So if I was ever to suddenly decide to go hunting they would be dogs I’d like by my side.

7.) Snoopy (Peanuts)


I have to admit this is more because I kinda HAVE to put him on this list. Don’t get me wrong Snoopy is a good dog, very good dog. He’s a fun, “Joe” cool with a good sense of humor. If someone is bullying you, doing stuff like snatching away a football before you can kick it, sick stuff like that; he’ll put them in their place. I mean who wouldn’t want a dog who can teach you to dance? Or listen to the stories he comes up with. Assuming I could learn to understand Snoopy’s thought balloons. Although since he does tend to type them up on a typewriter I suppose I could just read them. Although as far as comic strip dogs go I’m probably more of an Odie guy.

6.) Eddie (“Frasier”)


Anyone who knows me knows any excuse to write something about “Frasier” is A-ok with me. However, more “Frasier” related articles will have to wait for another day since this is just about Eddie Spaghetti the dog. Now some may question why I would want to be stared at by him all day? Luckily it’s only Frasier he stares at. Other than that he’s a pretty smart dog who has a very good sense of humor. I mean just look at the joy he brings to Martin’s life. It’s almost like he’s following a script. Also it is said that of all the cast members on the show he received most amount of fan mail by far. Take THAT Grammer!

5.) Chance and Shadow (“Homeward Bound”)


This is a movie I watched a TON as a kid! Back then I didn’t even realize that the animal’s mouths don’t move at all. I’ve got to say if there is any question in your mind, consider how far they traveled to find their family… TWICE. I barely remember the sequel, but the original still holds up as a fun kids film. As far as breeds go I’ve always liked golden retrievers and while Chance is some sort of mix it’s clear that there’s some bulldog in him and those are some of my favorites. Plus you get the nice balance of an old wise dog and young fun one. Heck even the cat isn’t too bad, but still the dogs man the dogs.

4.) Courage (Courage the Cowardly Dog)courage-the-cowardly-dogs

A friend reminded me of him and I had to add him. Why? Well the next time monsters, aliens and the like attack you this is someone you want on your side. I mean he has saved the life of a farmer who treats him like crap constantly. Yet as soon as he’s threatened, Courage goes to work. Yes he doesn’t always save Eustace. In fact he often seemingly dies or is horribly mutated, but he at least still tries to save him. After all everything seems back to normal by the beginning of the next episode so I suppose it’s not that big of a deal. Also despite the name Courage he’s afraid of EVERYTHING, (to the point it’s a little bit annoying) yet he still throws himself into danger and makes things happen.


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Marty Nozz

Bandit (Jonny Quest), Brain (Inspector Gadget), Krypto (Superman), and Lockjaw (Inhumans0 for my list. Eddie was a quality dog.







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