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10 Movie Bands That You Wish Were Real

10 Movie Bands That You Wish Were Real


Here are a few fake bands in film that you wish were real.

We all love music and if you’re on here, I’m guessing that you have an affinity for film as well. It’s common that music and movies come together often but sometimes a movie introduces us to some musical fiction. While this musical artist they create may satiate our appetite in the film, sometimes we’re hungry for more after the movie ends. Here are a few bands and particular songs that I wish were actually real. Be sure to make your own contributions to our collaborative Spotify playlist below.

10. Crucial Taunt – Wayne’s World


10. Crucial Taunt

“Wayne’s World” brought some SNL favorites to the big screen but also introduced us to Wayne’s love interest who happened to be a kick ass musician. Actress Tia Carrere actually used her own voice for the band Crucial Taunt and gave us an amazing cover of Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz.”

Key Song – “Ballroom Blitz”

9. Sex Bob-omb – Scott Pilgrim vs The World


9. Sex Bob-omb

“Scott Pilgrim vs The World” was an eclectic film so of course the band Sex Bob-omb would meet those eclectic tastes. They had a very unique sound that falls in line with an electric garage band and that’s what makes them so appealing. Not to mention that they helped Scott take on one of the evil exes!

Key Song – “Garbage Truck”

8. Infant Sorrow/Aldous Snow – Get Him to the Greek/Forgetting Sarah Marshall


8. Infant Sorrow/Aldous Snow

The songs were comprised of sexual comedy but that didn’t stop Aldous Snow and his band Infant Sorrow from rocking the house. In “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” we get more of a ballad with “Inside of You,” but in “Get Him to the Greek,” we get to see much more of the Aldous Snow lineup. The songs are hilarious but also extremely catchy.

Key Song – “The Clap”

7. DJay – Hustle & Flow


7. DJay

As an underdog story about a pimp turned rapper, “Hustle & Flow” allowed Terrence Howard to shine and garnered an Oscar win due to the film’s soundtrack. The process behind making the music and Terrence Howard’s heart put into the role make DJay an artist I wish I could continually listen to.

Key Song – “It’s Hard Out Here For a Pimp”

6. The Treblemakers – Pitch Perfect


6. The Treblemakers

“Pitch Perfect” may be about the a capella ladies but initially the reigning champs are the men. The Treblemakers, headed by Adam Devine, displayed their A-game throughout the film, only to be surpassed at the very end. The unique thing about this band is everything is vocal, even the instruments.

Key Song – “Right Round”

5. The Barden Bellas – Pitch Perfect


5. The Barden Bellas

Of course The Bardem Bellas are the stars of “Pitch Perfect” and their talented mashups of popular songs blows the competition out of the water. They are led by Anna Kendrick who has a vocal talent all her own and even scored a real life hit with her song “Cups.” But while Kendrick is the definite star, it’s the collaboration of these women together that makes The Bardem Bellas an a capella group we wish we could see for ourselves.

Key Song – Final “Don’t You” Mashup

4. The Soggy Bottom Boys – O Brother Where Art Thou


4. The Soggy Bottom Boys

“O Brother Where Art Thou” was a unique film inspired by Homer’s “The Odyssey.” While the tale was unique, so was the soundtrack which included the film’s band The Soggy Bottom Boys. Comprised of George Clooney, John Turturro, and Tim Blake Nelson, The Soggy Bottom Boys are a band with a harmonious bluegrass sound, strong lead vocals, and full of character.

Key Song – “I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow”

3. The Wonders – That Thing You Do


3. The Wonders

Tom Hanks guides a band confusingly known as The Oneders (later changed to The Wonders) to stardom in “That Thing You Do.” The film is a lot of fun but what’s even more fun is the music. It’s a classic style of rock that only the 60s could bring but something about this “one hit wonder” transcends time producing some very catchy tunes.

Key Song – “That Thing You Do”

2. Stillwater – Almost Famous


2. Stillwater

The film “Almost Famous” will continue to be a classic when it comes to defining the heart of music. And when it comes to that heart, the film’s band Stillwater is the source. They’ve got a Led Zepplin type sound (infused with many other bands) that will make you yearn for that period when rock was pure. While there was a band of the same name during that period, they signed off on letting “Almost Famous” use their name to form this powerhouse that drives the film.

Key Song – “Fever Dog”

1. Steel Dragon – Rock Star


1. Rock Star

While “Rock Star” may not have the heart of “Almost Famous” I found the music to be enlightening into the world of 80s rock. The misconceived notion that hair bands are all about showmanship is somewhat true but with the film’s band Steel Dragon we find out that there’s a true talent behind this music genre. The best part about this film is that Mark Wahlberg’s vocal vocal talents in the film can be attributed to the real life lead singer of Steelheart, Miljenko Matijevic. It’s a dirtier and flashier look at music but I can’t get their music out of my head to this day.

Key Song – “We All Die Young”

Be sure to contribute your own favorites to the list below.

Our playlist is open for a collaborative effort so we’d like to hear your picks as well. This list was only confined to 10 but we know there are more bands out there that you would recommend as well. Not all songs on the Spotify list are from the original bands in the film but we did the best with what Spotify has to offer. Feel free to click below to check us out on Spotify and make your own contributions.

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