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Music Icon Prince Dies at 57 RIP

While many of us consider Prince to be practically immortal, the world proved us wrong as he passed away in his Paisley Park home and studio. At only the age of 57, this news came as a shock to most everyone as he will leave behind a legendary legacy that no one will ever be able to follow.

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10 Movie Bands That You Wish Were Real

Here are a few fake bands in film that you wish were real.

We all love music and if you’re on here, I’m guessing that you have an affinity for film as well. It’s common that music and movies come together often but sometimes a movie introduces us to some musical fiction. While this musical artist they create may satiate our appetite in the film, sometimes we’re hungry for more after the movie ends. Here are a few bands and particular songs that I wish were actually real. Be sure to make your own contributions to our collaborative Spotify playlist below.

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