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It’s the climax of the Summer and the Fall is near so you know what that means? “The Walking Dead” is getting closer and the fandomonium is about to begin. All major comic-cons feature something about “The Walking Dead” and with San Diego being the biggest, you know they’ll have the most to give. Check out the revealing trailer for “The Walking Dead” season 5 below and prepare to have your mind blown!


As much as I love “The Walking Dead” I am disappointed at the resolution for their current predicament. They ended season 4 with everyone trapped in a freight car surrounded by people who are speculated to be cannibals. From this trailer it seems like they convinced these people to let them go by joining them on their quest to Washington D.C.

I personally wanted Rick shooting his way out in a blaze of glory but it seems they’ve once again chosen the diplomatic solution. Of course I could be reading the trailer wrong but it seems pretty obvious to me. How do you think this season will be?