Vince Vaughn True Detective -
[Source: Vulture]

HBO’s “True Detective” may be getting a baba ghanoush special. Vince Vaughn is currently in talks for a lead role in the series which would be quite a change from his usual typecast role.

Previously it was announced that Colin Farrell was another front runner for “True Detective Season 2.” With producers courting Vince Vaughn, it makes me a bit curious about their motives with the second season given Vince Vaughn’s recent films. It’s been difficult for Vaughn to distance himself from a comedic role and when he does he is usually critically bashed (“Psycho”).

From a more optimistic perspective, the series was a step in the right direction for Matthew McConaughey who was typecast himself in many roles. This series could be a launching point for a new Vince Vaughn that we haven’t seen before. What do you think, will this be a career changer for Vaughn?