Tom Hardy is Al Capone in Josh Trank’s “Fonzo.”

“Fantastic Four” and “Chronicle” director Josh Trank is set to direct and write “Fonzo.” The film surrounds the life of gangster Al Capone and Tom Hardy will be taking the lead. Addictive Pictures will be producing the film with WME Global and CAA repping the U.S. rights.

Russell Ackerman and John Schoenfelder of Addictive Pictures and Lawrence Bender are producing the pic, which centers on Capone in the final days of his life. The real-life Capone died in 1947 at age 48.

The “Fonzo” plot will take a different direction on Al Capone. Focusing on his final days, the story will surround Capone’s later years. Al Capone is known for his younger days as an iconic criminal. To focus on his final days, “Fonzo” could be a film about reflection.

Josh Trank has been under some fire over the past couple of years. With the poor performance of “Fantastic Four” and his behavior delaying a “Star Wars” film, Trank doesn’t have the greatest public perception. Hopefully “Fonzo” will be the film to put him back into the public’s good graces.

Tom Hardy currently has two projects on the horizon before “Fonzo.” The most recent is a Ridley Scott FX mini-series called Taboo followed by Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk.

What are your thoughts on this Josh Trank and Tom Hardy collaboration?

This was first reported by Deadline