Finding Dory

“Finding Dory,” the sequel to “Finding Nemo,” had its plot revealed today!

“Finding Nemo” is a fan favorite from Pixar. It’s a universally loved, family film that has brought joy to many. With the success of the first film, it only seemed logical that Disney and Pixar would capitalize on the comedic relief character Dory. Today we found out the plot for “Finding Dory” and I have to say that it sounds just as fun as “Finding Nemo.”

The story of the movie will follow Dory, Merlin and Nemo as they set off on a journey to find about Dory’s past and parents. The movie will be mainly set in the Marine Biology Institute of California, a huge complex of rehabilitation for marine life. Dory learns that she was born and raised there and was released in the ocean when she was a kid. We will se new characters, like an octopus, sea lions, a beluga whale and others.

While “Finding Dory” is almost two years away, it is interesting to see where they are taking the film. It seems as though they are following the same formula from “Finding Nemo” when it comes to the overall quest. The setting of the Marine Biology Institute of California may be a change of venue but it could also serve as a way to once again distinguish natural ocean life vs ocean life raised in captivity. Even if the plot is the same regurgitated formula, I’m sure that it will be a fun filled adventure for all.

“Finding Dory” stars Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks. It is set for release on June 17, 2016.

What do you all think of the plot for “Finding Dory?”