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Jason David Frank Confirms Power Rangers Reboot to Film in 2015

Jason David Frank Confirms <em>Power Rangers</em> Reboot to Film in 2015

Pooya Mohit - Jason David Frank -

FilmFad had the pleasure of kicking it with the man, the myth and Mighty Morphin legend, Jason David Frank at the first Raleigh Wizard World Comic Convention, and it was ‘mega’ fun!

Jason David Frank - Power Rangers - FilmFad.comJDF is also, and perhaps most popularly, know as Tommy Oliver, the original Green Ranger (turned white ranger, then red, then red, then black and then back to green). Jason David Frank is THE Power Ranger as not only the brand ambassador for Saban, but also the longest standing and most popular Power Ranger to ever come under Zordon’s employ. deep Breath in… JDF has morphed or gone turbo in six distinct Power Ranger series as well as two feature length films, inter-spliced with other TV and movie spots. JDF is no sham either. He is, as of current, a Seventh Degree Black Belt, has a 4-0 amateur MMA record and an 1-0 pro MMA record. This all in addition to the numerous awards and accomplishments he has made in the Martial Arts community. He also holds the World Record for most boards broken in free-fall. Tough. As. Nails.

JDF gave us at an exclusive interview ranging from his experience at Wizard Con, to the upcoming 2nd season of his reality TV show “My Morphin Life,” to a most wonderful affirmation on something super secret.

Ready yourselves to be transformed by the sheer awesomeness of the original summoner of the Dragonzord, Jason David Frank.

That’s right FadFans! JDF has confirmed that the Saban Entertainment and Lionsgate’s collaborative “Power Rangers” reboot will begin filming this year and WILL be coming out next year. Oh yeah! That’s right [does a little dance]. Clear your throat, lower your stance and get ready to Go…Go. What does this mean? It means that the casting will, if it hasn’t already, start to happen and subsequently hit the interweb. As JDF mentions, he has been in regular contact with Saban and definitely is ready to participate. The question becomes will Lionsgate see JDF’s timeless Tommy Oliver fitting into their rebooted ranger vision. They had better!

It’s Morphin Time!

Given that JDF is synonymous with “Power Rangers” and he is in peak physical condition, I would imagine that he would be a first pick in the minds of the casting department. Then again, I have seen reboots suffer in the past. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this film will be a Mega Zord and not a mega dud.

Taz Kayden - FilmFad.comIn the meantime, JDF has been keeping busy. In addition to his reality tv series, “My Morphin Life,” he has been involved with a number of projects both Ranger based and otherwise. We have “Taz Kayden: Operation Black Unicorn,” a tongue and cheek yet action-packed web series about a mercenary on a mission!

I’ve been known to play the flute in high school.

Another notable mention would be his upcoming “Green Ranger Vs Ryu” Super Hero BEAT DOWN. If his “White Ranger Vs Scorpion” is any indication of what’s in-store, then I know I’m excited. What makes it all the better and gives Morphin fans like myself hope is the fact that Saban gave JDF permission to revive his Mighty personas for these. That means he might be just as likely to let that sentiment carry over into the reboot.

Which of JDF’s many projects are YOU most excited for? Let us know in the comments below.

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