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‘Warcraft’ Trailer Releases!

‘Warcraft’ Trailer Releases!


OMG OMG OMG. Legendary Pictures just released the official trailer for the “Warcraft” Movie.

There were many fan made trailers as well as some not too funny rick roll versions. Well maybe they were funny in a I hate you for getting me so excited only to dash my hopes way. This is the first trailer where we get to spend some time with the characters and see some backstory. Previously Legendary only released a teaser for the certain cons.



Warcraft Poster 1

So what does this long awaited trailer look like? Well in my opinion it’s a /NerdGasm!!! The trailer looks as epic as you would want the movie to be. All of the reported characters make an appearance as well as some of the iconic landscapes of the ‘Warcraft’ universe. While I would be happy with whatever they put on screen, within reason, I tend to be taken about by the differences in the Orcs and Humans. Namely the fact that the Orcs are mostly computer generated and the Humans are real live flesh and blood. A little bit jarring but I am hoping the overall meshing of the two is seamless once the opening credits roll. I suspect that the motion capture acting will make or break this film.

What we can gather from the trailer is that there is some unknown force ravaging the lands of both Humans and Orcs and they must work together to /defeat it. Sounds a bit formulaic to me but again the big draw is seeing these characters that I and about 20 million other people have spent waaaaay too much time with. With that said the trailer does hit the notes you want from the first official trailer. It showcases some fantastic battle scenes, some much anticipated characters in full garb, and some epic mounts. Everyone is always looking for those epic mounts. Travis Fimmel as Anduin Lothar looks incredible as does Ben Foster’s Medivh. Oh and don’t even get me started on Garona played by Paula Patton, /FTW!!! I’m not totally all in on King Llane Wrynn, played by Dominic Cooper, but I was always more partial to the Horde so perhaps that’s just my bias showing.


Warcraft Poster 2

What I wanted to see but didn’t was my favorite class the mage kicking tail, tossing indiscriminate fireballs, frost fireballs, and frost bolts. Mostly we see a bunch of melee types slugging it out. That’s fine for now but there will be a fair amount of nerd rage on my part if I don’t see at least one frost nova and/or ice lance pew pew in this film. And please please please pwn a warlock.

Now that I am thinking about it I will have to do a full write up on what this movie actually needs to succeed. But for now the trailer footage is enough to whet my appetite for a touch. Certainly before its June 2016 release we are sure to see much more of the film but this first taste, second if you count the teaser, is getting me all excited.

So FadFans, are you geeking out like me?

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