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Unboxing: Loot Crate Goes ‘Versus’ for March

Unboxing: Loot Crate Goes ‘Versus’ for March


Loot Crate’s March theme is “Versus” and we did the unboxing for you!

Just after our shortest month of the year, March 2016 brings us the Loot Crate “Versus” edition! As you would expect “versus” would have something to do with the recent Batman V Superman release and also a bit of “Captain America: Civil War.” Check out the video below and see what’s inside!


It seems like Loot Crate is focusing its efforts on apparel since we haven’t seen a Funko POP! figure since December 2015. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing because I very much enjoyed a lot of what was in this box. The reversible Daredevil/Punisher beanie is high quality and pretty awesome. It’s a shame that I don’t have many days I could wear it but it’s a solid design and breathable. The “Star Trek” shirt and “Batman V Superman” wallet were interesting, but nothing spectacular. Surprisingly, the “Alien Vs. Predator” Xenomorph figure grew on me.

Their Level Up and Loot Pets boxes seem to be consistent with their targeted markets. The main box is usually a mystery but you can expect some essential items from Level Up and Loot Pets. There are usually socks, a necklace/pendant, and pet treats (that are surprisingly good quality). If you’re into apparel and “geek” items for your pets, then you may prefer these specific boxes over the main box.

As said, we all have our favorite Loot Crates but this crate did have a lot to offer, especially for fans of DC and Marvel films. Loot Crate is still a lot of value for your money and the surprise is definitely worth it.

Check out Loot Crate’s Plans Here:

Loot Crate Plans

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Tell us about some of your favorite Loot Crate experiences!

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