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4 Netflix Horror Indie Comedies to Watch for Halloween

4 Netflix Horror Indie Comedies to Watch for Halloween


You must check out these four horror indies on Netflix before Halloween!

With Halloween almost here, everyone is looking for a scare but why not have a laugh as well? Currently on Netflix there are a few films that cross the genres of horror and comedy creating some unique forms of entertainment. Check out my list of four of these movies that you should check out this Halloween!

Odd Thomas


Odd Thomas

If you’re a fan of the Michael J. Fox and Peter Jackson film “The Frighteners” then “Odd Thomas” could be cinematic journey worth taking. Taking the concept of a social outcast that sees spirits, this film takes another route of exploring this type of character. There is definitely some fun-filled action but there is also a dramatic twist at the end of the film that has a lasting appeal.

Starring Anton Yelchin (“Star Trek”) and Willem Dafoe (you know who this is…), “Odd Thomas” brings together some more than adequate actors in a film that will leave you supernaturally satisfied with a slight twist of comedy throughout.

Tucker & Dale vs Evil


Tucker and Dale vs Evil

We all know the stereotype of some bratty young college adults getting mixed up with some creepy backwoods type people. We’ve seen it in many horror films but with “Tucker & Dale vs Evil” it takes this stereotype and plays it in reverse.

The college students led by Katrina Bowden assume that two “hillbillies” (Tyler Labine, Alan Tudyk) are malevolent forces of evil while it is quite the opposite. When Dale (Labine) rescues Allison (Bowden) from drowning, her friends assume that she has been kidnapped. The events that follow are filled with Allison’s friends attempting to rescue her but instead injuring and killing themselves in a clumsy manner. The rest of the group thinks their death is part of an evil plot from Tucker and Dale while they think these kids are just crazy and suicidal.

“Tucker and Dale vs Evil” is hilarious and an interesting take on this horror stereotype.

Knights of Badassdom


Knights of Badassdom

While it’s not necessarily listed as a horror comedy, I would have to disagree. There are many aspects of “Knights of Badassdom” that coincide with “Army of Darkness” which is classified as such. While the medieval aspect of the plot is based on LARPing (Live Action Roleplaying), this adds a comedic element to the film that is unique and gives perspective to a niche hobby.

Starring Peter Dinklage, Ryan Kwanten, and Steve Zahn, “Knights of Badassdom” is preemptively setup for comedy mixed with a bit of fantasy and supernatural elements. While participating in a game of live-action roleplay, these three manage to summon a demon which turns the game into reality.

This film had its fair share of troubles with a delayed release date of almost three years, but the niche fanbase surrounding the film was ever vigilant. It may have set the bar high with this kind of build up but it still captures the interest of many with its ridiculous nature. Even if the plot doesn’t appeal to you, seeing Peter Dinklage in comedic form is worth a viewing alone.


WolfCop Banner


When I first heard about Wolfcop I thought it would be a horrible, ridiculous film. After watching the movie, I will say that I was right about it being ridiculous but wrong about it being horrible.

Director Lowell Dean puts together a film that is intentionally ridiculous and horribly good. When it comes to werewolf films, “Wolfcop” has one of the most uniquely comedic human-to-wolf transformations I’ve seen. There is also a great balance of practical effects mixed with some intentional low-budget moments of flair throughout the entire film.

If you’re a fan of the classic 1980s horror film and werewolves, this is a film you must experience. It’s an homage to the genre as a whole and proves that mockery is one of the greatest forms of flattery.

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