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‘Clerks 3’ And ‘Mallrats 2’ Cancelled, Now What?

Recently indie filmmaker Kevin Smith made headlines announcing a new film on the horizon, ‘Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.’ This would in fact be a sequel to his earlier film ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back’ which had meant to be the end of the Viewaskew series of films that included ‘Clerks’, ‘Mallrats’, ‘Chasing Amy’, ‘Dogma’, and the aforementioned Jay and Silent Bob original. Minor spoiler but that film ends with God from ‘Dogma’ literally closing the book on the Viewaskew universe. Thinking ahead he left a few pages open for more films in he ever felt compelled. As such we eventually got ‘Clerks 2’ which many viewers felt was a return to form for him.

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Review: ‘Yoga Hosers’ Is A Trainwreck

I was tempted to declare “Yoga Hosers” as Kevin Smith’s worst film, but then I remembered that “Cop Out” still exists.

But it’s CLOSE, very very close and unlike “Cop Out” this is all Kevin Smith… no jerky Bruce Willis to blame.

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Awesome Con 2016 Recap and Kevin Smith Talks ‘Dogma 2’

Making the journey to Washington DC, we got the chance to check out this year’s Awesome Con. Since the last time we visited the convention has grown quite a bit expanding their space, their attendees, and their guest list. We were able to get some great coverage that we will continue to post including updates to the Cosplay gallery (check below) and interviews with David Prowse and Jeremy London. But for now let’s get into the overall recap starting with the highlight event for Friday, “An Evening with Kevin Smith.”

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