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Review: ‘Why Him’ Makes Me Ask ‘Why Did I See This Movie’?

When Ned Fleming’s (Bryan Cranston) daughter Stephanie (Zoey Deutch) invites him to meet her new billionaire boyfriend (James Franco), there’s a bit of an adjustment period. With an outlandishly crass personality, Laird Mayhew has Stephanie’s father questioning “Why Him” as he tries to adjust to his daughter’s wishes. But do James Franco and Bryan Cranston create a formula for a uniquely comedic film?

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‘The Inflitrator’ Trailer Gets Bryan Cranston Back Into Drugs

While we all love Bryan Cranston, he can’t seem to escape the “Breaking Bad” correlation and the ties to drugs. With the trailer released today for “The Infiltrator,” we find Cranston still in the drug game but working against the market, not for it. Set in Miami, Florida in 1986, this film is based on one of the biggest drug busts in history surrounding the most notorious drug lord, Pablo Escobar. Check out the trailer below.

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