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‘Alien: Covenant’ Prologue Video Shows Elizabeth’s Journey After ‘Prometheus’

With “Alien: Covenant” being the next mission after “Prometheus,” many were wondering when the first film’s story would be further explored. In the recent prologue video above, we get those supplemental details of the journey to the Engineer home world by David and Elizabeth. While there is still much to be desired from the story, we do get to see how they made the journey and the moment when they reach their destination. Unfortunately their arrival is where things end for this prologue.

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‘Alien: Covenant’ Prologue Footage Titled ‘The Last Supper’ Hits The Web

This may be better than the trailer! As an official prologue to “Alien: Covenant,” and ironically titled “The Last Supper,” we finally get a hint at who these characters are. While James Franco may be the ship’s captain, it’s Danny McBride that is the spotlight of this teaser. Carrying his signature McBride arrogance, we get to see how his personality fits into this film that is far from a comedy. Check out the prologue clip below.

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