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Sweet Christmas! New Netflix Trailer Hints ‘Luke Cage’ Origin

Sweet Christmas! New Netflix Trailer Hints ‘Luke Cage’ Origin
Luke Cage netflix Trailer

Season 1 of ‘Luke Cage’ premieres September 30th on Netflix.

Sweet Christmas! The full-trailer for ‘Luke Cage,’ the much-anticipated new installment to the Netflix “Defender” lineup, is here and with it bringing hope for some solid on-screen justice and an origin story!

I was put in some tank like an exotic fish. – Luke Cage

Popularized in the recent Netflix hit ‘Jessica Jones,’ the indestructible ‘Luke Cage’ steps into his own solo-series with some familiar faces and some serious nuance.  The over 2-minute clip, takes the audience to Cage’s hometown of Harlem, N.Y., where we get a brief insight into the reluctant hero’s experimental origin and his struggle to find normality in an increasingly dangerous world. With cross-over characters like Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple and Mike Colter as the impervious Cage, Netflix seems to have another hit potential as they explore another facet of the human condition under the guise of Superhero.

Check out the new trailer for Neflix’s ‘Luke Cage’ below:

The trailer does well to provide ample cameos, action and dramatics without really giving away too much. The concealment of the plot direction of the series has been an effective tool in both seasons of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, and I expect, that with it’s growing breadth of experience, Netflix will follow suit with ‘Luke Cage.’

I heard it was four guys. – Luke Cage

Talking origin, we see that Cage’s meta-human experience is reminiscent to that of a particular merc with a mouth by the name of Deadpool, or even the adamantium laced berserker Wolverine. The story of a former lab rat looking for peace and purpose, and as we’ve seen in ‘Jessica Jones’ Cage sometimes has a similar brash approach to finding it. This bit of backstory also raises many questions like what landed Cage in the experimentation chamber in the first place, did he have any precursory powers going in, who were the ones experimenting on him, etc., all of which would make excellent story arcs!

While it’s hard to say if we can expect to see Jessica Jones or Matt Murdock in the first season,  judging by the trailer, fans should rest assured that ‘Luke Cage’ has tremendous signs of promise and prepare for some potentially great acting and rich character development. The action and fight sequences have been both consistently and noticeably improving with each property the Marvel/Netflix team-up puts out, and this trailer shows no exception.

All I can really say is “Sweet Christmas!” The entire first season of ‘Luke Cage’ is set to premiere September 30th on Netflix.

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Marty Nozz

Used to like the old Powerman and Iron Fist comics back in the day. So, obviously, I’m stoked for the individual Netflix series.


Yeah, I think it looks pretty darn appealing. I like that Netflix is slowly building their mini-Marvel universe, giving each character their own special care. Iron Fist is not too far behind either! It’s a good day to be a Comic lover.







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