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REVIEW: All Aboard for the ‘Trainwreck’ BluRay Combo Pack

REVIEW: All Aboard for the ‘Trainwreck’ BluRay Combo Pack


Headed to Digital HD, DVD and Blu-Ray on November 10th, the ‘Trainwreck’ BluRay combo pack gives fans the best of both worlds – knee slapping bonus features as well as both the theatrical and unrated editions!

Comedienne Amy Schumer’s raunchy and uncensored routine evolved into it’s own culture when the Judd Apatow, and Schumer penned, Rom-Com ‘Trainwreck’ shattered all the cliche tropes while still connecting with audiences. Now you can bring Schumer’s big-screen world into your living room, or better yet, your personal mobile device with the ‘Trainwreck’ BluRay Combo pack.

You learn a lot of things from your parents as a kid. How to tie your shoe laces. How to ride a bike. How to getup when you fall down. In this case we meet a Tween-y Amy being edified by her father (Colin Quinn “SNL”) that monogamy would never be possible – using a pretty vivid ‘doll’ metaphor might I add. Fast forward and we find adult Amy, a commitment-phobic career woman, whose system of promiscuity shatters when she meets good guy and sports medicine doctor Aaron (Bill Hader).


Cinematics (Plot, Acting, Cinematography, etc.) – 3.5

While I am admittedly not the biggest fan of raunchy humor, I would say that Amy Schumer perfectly pulls off the uncensored and at times self-depricating shtick. What Schumer brings to the table is more than just crude jokes, but instead a commentary dating in today’s world. While at times the humor takes center stage, the message of bettering ones self and personal growth is surprisingly not lost in the mix.


Amy’s love interest Aaron (Bill Hader).

Amy Schumer’s talent really shines through with ‘Trainwreck.’ Not only can Schumer nail a punchline, she can also write a feature film that works AND she can act? That’s right, the Towson University Theatre graduate has some serious and surprising depth and emotional turns in her. I’m not saying I thought Schumer was incapable of showing that range, rather that this is the first time we have scene her flex her more dramatic side. Schumer was no exception to the rule as the astonishingly star-studded cast delivered in all arenas. That of course doesn’t mean I am without qualms. While I think Bill Hader is absolutely hilarious and a above average actor, I would say his role as a love interest, let alone Schumer’s love interest, was a bit unbelievable. While they seemed to have fun together, I was having trouble believing their ‘rockier’ encounters.


Amy Schumer & John Cena in ‘Trainwreck.’

Then There is John Cena. John “You Know what I do to @$$holes” Cena! If there was any breakout stunner behind Schumer (pun maybe intended?) it would have to be the twelve time WWE World Champion John Cena. Hands down, Cena stole every scene he was in with both his humor and his bit of drama. While I never thought I would ever say this, I look forward to seeing Cena in future films. I can spend all day listing the numerous stars from tinsel town and the sports world, and surprisingly I think they all fit within the confines of their characters in relation to the story.

‘Trainwreck’ boasts NBA stars Lebron James and Amare Stoudemire respectively as Aaron’s best friend and patient, comedian Dave Attell as Noam the neighborhood wino, Tilda Swinton as Amy’s impatiently oppressive boss, Marisa Tomei and Daniel Radcliffe in the movie-within-the-movie ‘The Dogwalker,’ and of course the the pearly whites of Vanessa Bayer (SNL) as Amy’s awkward friend/co-worker [Deep Breath]. Oh You thought because I said ‘And’ that I was done? Not the case. The cast also includes the antics of Randall Park (“The Interview”), Ezra Miller (“The Perks of Being a Wallflower”), Mike Birbiglia (“Orange is the New Black”) and Brie Larson (“21 Jump Street”) as Amy’s bulldog-ish sister.


Check out Madison’s article about the comedienne’s meteoric rise in Hollywood and “Why Amy Schumer is the Next Big Thing!”


Entertainment Value – 4

If you like jokes and are already a fan of Amy Schumer’s comedy, then this is about as entertaining as it gets. I will say that for the romantic comedy genre, this is the most I have laughed in a while. Unlike other joke-centric films that lost their core story in the haze of humor (“Anchorman 2”), ‘Trainwreck’ does a fantastic job balancing the in-you-face comedy stylings of Schumer with the more nuanced budding romance and interpersonal growth between the main characters.

While funny most of the time, the movie does manage to pull at the heart strings with Schumer aptly dropping her comedic facade and showing audiences a previously unseen vulnerability.


Re-Watchability – 3

While the basic story to the movie is simple enough, ‘Trainwreck’ has MORE than ample comic material littered throughout the film to bring audiences a grin and a chuckle time and again.


Blu-Ray Extras

Trainwreck - Dogwalker -

Daniel Radcliffe and Marisa Tomei in “The Dogwalker.”

Now here is where things get fun. The ‘Trainwreck’ Blu-Ray Combo Pack not only comes with the Digital HD, DVD, Blu-Ray formats, but it also comes with both the Theatrical and Unrated cuts of the film with a army of special features. I would definitely recommend the deleted, scenes and Gag Reel for some comedic gold that was left on the cutting room floor.

Of course, you can also catch the entire movie-within-the-movie, ‘Dogwalker’ in its entirety… nothing says weird like Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe, a bespectacled Marissa Tomei and a few litters of pooches.

Watch FilmFad’s Unboxing and Review of the ‘Trainwreck’ Blu-Ray Combo Pack and see the goods up close and personal!




‘TRAINWRECK’ is a Universal release and presentation of an Apatow production.
Produced by Judd Apatow and Barry Mendel. Executive produced by David Householter. Co-produced by Amy Schumer and Joshua Church.
Directed by Judd Apatow.
Screenplay by Amy Schumer.
Cast: Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, Brie Larson, Colin Quinn, John Cena, Tilda Swinton, LeBron James, Randall Park, Vanessa Bayer, Ezra Miller, Mike Birbiglia, Norman Lloyd, Daniel Radcliffe, Marisa Tomei, Cliff “Method Man” Smith, Tim Meadows, Amar’e Stoudemire, Matthew Broderick, Chris Evert, Marv Albert and Tony Romo.
MPAA Rating: R. (Unrated Edition available)
Run time: 122 Minutes.


  • Cinematics
  • Entertainment Value
  • Rewatchability


'Trainwreck' is and ideal Romantic-Comedy that aptly reflects the modern times. Amy Schumer poetically pulls off the uncensored and at times self-depricating shtick. What Schumer brings to the table is more than just crude joke, but instead a commentary dating in today’s world. While at times the humor takes center stage, the message of bettering ones self and personal growth is surprisingly not lost in the mix.

User Rating 4.5 (2 votes)


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