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R-Rated ‘Justice League Dark’ Trailer Is Out, And It’s AMAZING!

R-Rated ‘Justice League Dark’ Trailer Is Out, And It’s AMAZING!

“Justice League Dark” hits Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in early 2017.

If the new R-Rated “Justice League Dark” trailer doesn’t get you excited, then you’re probably “Dead… Man!”


Thanks to IGN, the internet can now bask in the “Amaze-Balls” glory that is the R-Rated “Justice League Dark” trailer. As the latest addition to the successful Warner Bros DC Animation catalogue, the tone of the film and brand new R-Rating raises the bar for future installments to the animated universe. If DCAU’s recent “Batman: The Killing Joke” is any indicator, audiences can look forward to some graphic content.

Set in a world overrun by a dark magical presence that even the heroic titans of the Justice League can’t handle, the film follows the cowled detective Batman as he teams with John Constantine to try to save the world. Constantine and the Caped Crusader enlist the help of Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna, and Etrigan the Demon to round out the strange and spectral superhero team, “Justice League Dark.”

Watch the new R-Rated ‘Justice League Dark’ Trailer below:

Back in October, we had the pleasure of interviewing the cast and creators behind “Justice League Dark.” We also got to see some snippets of scenes, but what remains consistent is that DCAU is still holding out on showing us Swamp Thing. Fans still do have something seriously awesome to fawn over – the re-introduction of Matt Ryan‘s John Constantine, be it animated, is enough to give us some serious warm and fuzzies.


Matt Ryan reprises his role of John Constantine for “Justice League Dark.”

According to IGN, the film touts a robustly talented voice cast including Batman’s Jason O’Mara, Constantine’s Matt Ryan, Zatanna’s Camilla Luddington, Deadman’s Nicholas Turturro, Jason Blood/Etrigan’s Ray Chase, Superman’s Jerry O’Connell, and Wonder Woman’s Rosario Dawson.  The squad of supernatural supers also includes the vocal talents of Jeremy Davies (“Justified”) as Ritchie, Enrico Colantoni (“Galaxy Quest”) as Felix Faust; Alfred Molina (“Spider-Man 2”) as Destiny; and Arrow’s Roger R. Cross as both Swamp Thing and Green Lantern John Stewart.


“Justice League Dark” is directed by Jay Oliva (“Batman: The Dark Knight Returns”). James Tucker (“Batman Bad Blood,” “Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders“) is Supervising Producer.

“Justice League Dark” hits Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in early 2017.

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