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Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer is Total Mayhem and Awesome

<em>Mad Max: Fury Road</em> Trailer is Total Mayhem and Awesome

Mad Max Fury Road -

Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron star in the explosively action-packed trailer for upcoming “Mad Max: Fury Road” and it is unequivocally blissful pandemonium.

The opening line perfectly encapsulates the entire raucous trailer in 6 simple words.

“My world is fire and blood.”

While we as Americans may feel that we understand the rigors that accompany the scarcity of natural resources, our qualms hardly make it pass the seasonally influenced pinch our wallets feel at the gas pump. In Max’s post-apocalyptic world that rigor is gauged by the extent of  your ritual sacrifice of flesh, bones, and sanity for the sake of survival.


Mad Max Fury Road -



In the tailer we find ourselves ferried away to a post-apocalyptic wasteland where we meet loner Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy), a name that seems befitting a CPA albeit a Bad Ass CPA. We also meet Furiosa (Charlize Theron) who happens to be the Sinead O’Connor of this grim future. All Jokes aside, Max and Furiosa are trying traverse a sandy war-zone littered with what appears to be spike-obsessed clowns, assorted bandits and a rascally flaming torrent of sand.


Theron Mad Max Fury Road - FilmFad.comImmediately I am engaged by the sheer intensity of the ever-exploding environment and high-volume of fantastic action sequences. I don’t know who was dangling from a teetering pole that seemed to be affixed to a vehicle amidst a high-speed dessert chase to the death, but I can’t wait to see why he’s there and what comes of it.



Group Mad Max Fury Road - am not expecting to see meticulous character development with this movie, nor am I expecting brilliant dialogue. What I do expect to see is for George Miller, the originator of “Mad Max,”to take the reigns and apply the generous budget and cutting edge effect technology of today to bring forth his vision of a world that has been brutally hurled into total and complete madness.



Judging from the trailer alone, I can safely say that this will be one of, if not the most, visually stunning films of 2015.

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