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Lauren Holly talks Dumb & Dumber and small town orgies

Lauren Holly talks <em>Dumb & Dumber</em> and small town orgies
Lauren Holly Max Abadian

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“Dumb & Dumber” Actress Lauren Holly discusses her past & present Hollywood career with Film Fad!

Lauren Holly has been extremely versatile throughout her career. Coming from an academic family, she was torn between exploring her creative side with music and theater or pursuing a law degree. She ended up pursuing music and while on that path discovered her passion for acting.

We got the chance to speak with Lauren about her journey and the specific highlights where many may know her best. Throughout the interview we discuss her iconic role as Linda Lee in “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story,” her role as Mary Swanson in the Jim Carrey comedy “Dumb & Dumber,” why she wasn’t in “Dumb & Dumber To,” and her upcoming projects including the horror film “February” and the comedy “How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town.” Below are a few of the highlights, check the audio below for the full interview.

Film Fad

What really got you started as an Actress?

Lauren Holly

I think it was just a passion of mine that sort of [came] out. I didn’t plan on becoming an actress because it didn’t seem like something that I could make a living at and I thought I was going to go to law school. Things were much more planned out and I sort of fell into the hobby of it studying in London at The Royal Academy. I was actually there for music. Then when I went to college, I auditioned for a play that a guest director saw me in and sort of started me on my odyssey. So it was something that I always loved to do, I just didn’t know I could make a living doing it.

Film Fad

One film that I wanted to start with and I feel like this is one I remember you best for is in “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story” as Linda Lee. It was a very well done bio-drama and I enjoyed it, but then the next year you move on to “Dumb and Dumber” which was a very recognizable character as well, Mary Swanson. How was it going from something so dramatic transitioning right into comedy?

Lauren Holly Bruce Lee

Lauren Holly as Linda Lee in “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story”

Lauren Holly

Well the thing is that in the in-between I was doing a television series called “Picket Fences.” And my character on “Picket Fences,” Max, I walked the line between comedy and drama for that series. So it was kind of perfect because I was able to do both on any given day.

Film Fad

Going off of the “Dumb & Dumber” question, were you approached at all for the sequel? (“Dumb & Dumber To”)

Lauren Holly Dumb and Dumber

Lauren Holly as Mary Swanson in “Dumb and Dumber”

Lauren Holly

It’s more complicated than I would go into now…How about this?…I’ll say No. But that’s not anything in a bad way because the truth was, Mary was that first one’s story. It’s not like she was going to hang out with the two of them. You know what I mean? At first I was talking to them all when they were making it and what not and they were trying to figure out different ways for me and at first I was wondering if I should push this issue and try to be apart of it. And now I’m glad I wasn’t because I think the first one is still the good one.

Film Fad

You have a few things coming up. “February” is one of them and also “How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town.” I think that the title alone has me intrigued. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Lauren Holly

It’s a sweet little movie that I shot in Canada. The director’s a talented guy and it’s all about how to plan an orgy in a small town.

Film Fad

Haha, so the title kind of sums it up?

Lauren Holly

Haha, it kind of sums it up. [The Director would] be proud of me for saying that by the way. And “Februrary”…I’ve never done a horror movie before.

Film Fad

So how does that feel being a horror virgin?

Lauren Holly

Yeah I know right? And I was the only one too. Emma [Roberts] was getting ready to go back and start shooting “Scream Queens” and James Remar’s done a bunch of that stuff. It was fun. The thing about “February” was we really were shooting in February in Ottawa, in Canada, in one of the coldest Winter’s ever…at night. So I will never forget the amount of heat packs I had all over my body.

Film Fad

Do you have anything upcoming after that or anything you’d like to plug?

Lauren Holly

No, I’m just busy plugging away. “After the Ball” opens in select cities on Friday [April 25] and it’s a very sweet rom-com.

After the Ball” releases today in select theaters.

The horror film “February” releases later this year and “How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town” releases in 2016.

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