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‘Justice League Unlimited: The Complete Series’ Hits Blu-Ray

‘Justice League Unlimited: The Complete Series’ Hits Blu-Ray

Justice League Unlimited - BluRay - The Complete Series -

Warner Archive Collection adds to its ever-growing repertoire – bringing ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED: The Complete Series’ to Blu-Ray for the first time.

Starting November 10th 2015, the fan adored ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED: The Complete Series’ will be distributed in a full 16×9 format for the first time… ever. After a long wait, fans can finally wrap their ‘FAN’gers (that’s ‘fan-fingers’) around a Blu-Ray copy of ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED: The Complete Series’ and enjoy the series in the 16×9 format it was animated (and intended to be enjoyed) in.

JusticeLeagueUnlimitedCompleteSeries_Blu_1000x1000_16f6f83bAs the follow-up to the popular Justice League animated series, Justice League Unlimited entranced fans as it commingled an impressively vast canon of characters from the DC Comics Universe with the original seven Justice Leaguers – Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, J’onn J’onzz, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl. Originally airing on Cartoon Network’s Toonami from July 31, 2004 through May 13, 2006, ‘JLU’ was the culminating series set in the long-running DC animated universe, which started with ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ back in 1992.

Justice League Unlimited - #312 - Alive! -

In an attempt to reassemble Brainiac, Lex Luthor accidentally resurrects Darkseid. | Ep. 312 – “ALIVE!”

A key element in the appeal of ‘JLU’ was the shows star-STUFFED cast of voice actors and special guests. The core cast included the quintessential animated Dark Knight Kevin Conroy (‘Batman: The Animated Series’) as Batman, George Newborn (‘Scandal’) as Superman, Susan Eisenberg (‘Justice League’) as Wonder Woman, Michael Rosenbaum (‘Smallville’) as Flash, Carl Lumbly (‘Alias’) as J’onn J’onzz, Phil LaMarr (‘Futurama’) as Green Lantern and Maria Canals-Barrera (‘Wizards of Waverly Place’) as Hawkgirl. Their guest cast is equally impressive featuring a POWERful mix of Emmy and Tony award winners and pop culture icons like Mark Hamill (‘Star Wars’), Neil Patrick Harris (‘How I Met Your Mother’), J.K. Simmons (‘Spider-Man’) and Nathan Fillion (‘Firefly’) just to name a very select few.

The Complete Series comes with a slew of Special features such as Creator’s Commentary on the episodes “This Little Piggy” and “The Return,” a featurette on the process of revamping the series with new characters and a new creative direction as well as a discussion with Mark Hamill about his popular story-arc and so on.

‘JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED: The Complete Series’ is available in Blu-Ray and downloadable format starting Tuesday, November 10, 2015 via and popular online retailers.


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