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‘Justice League Dark’ Cast And Crew Provide The Details Of DC’s Next Animated Film

‘Justice League Dark’ Cast And Crew Provide The Details Of DC’s Next Animated Film


If you love DC animation, then you probably can’t wait for “Justice League Dark!”

At New York Comic Con this year we got to see quite a bit. But with so much going on in the realm of entertainment, our attention drifted towards “Justice League Dark.” Like other DC animated films, this one meshes the world of comic books and movies. While we’re still waiting on a screener of the film, we got just about all you can get without a full length viewing.

Prior to the panel we did a variety of one on one interviews. Director Jay Oliva gave us an idea of what to expect from this film. This time around things are going to be a bit darker. He even referred to the film’s direction as going into the realm of horror.

Director Jay Oliva

Lead Character Designer Phil Bourassa provided details from a visual perspective. Asking about characters he had drawn in the past, we asked about some of the new characters in “Justice League Dark.” With the additions of Constantine, Swamp Thing, Dead Man, and Zatanna to name a few, he had quite a bit of fun.

Lead Character Designer Phil Bourassa

Producer James Tucker was also put in an interesting position for this year’s New York Comic Con. Being behind two vastly different projects, he was doing some juggling. With “Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders,” Tucker found many upbeat, campy laughs, but with “Justice League Dark,” he worked with potentially the darkest DC animated film yet.

Producer James Tucker

Finally the voices behind the roles are how the fans identify their favorite characters. With veteran Jason O’Mara voicing Batman, he was put into a new environment joined by Matt Ryan as Constantine. Fans love O’Mara but they were excited for Matt Ryan who played the live-action Constantine to get a second chance as a voice actor.

Jason O’Mara – Voice of Batman

Matt Ryan – Voice of Constantine

After the interviews, everyone was brought together for the main hall “Justice League Dark” panel. There were questions about the work on the project and influences. There were also questions about Jason O’Mara working with first-timer Matt Ryan. We did get to see some of the never before seen footage, but unfortunately couldn’t record that. I will say that the footage revealed a lot of Constantine and he’s very much like the character we love from the TV series. He’s witty and more of an anti-hero keen on self preservation as well as saving the world. Batman actually fits well into this supernatural group as well. He doesn’t agree with all of the methods nor the magic, but it’s an interesting dynamic nonetheless.

After the vast amount of information that we obtained, I admit I’m more excited for “Justice League Dark” than I ever was. It’s a side of DC animation that we have not seen yet. From what we’ve seen thus far, it doesn’t look like it will disappoint.

Are you excited for “Justice League Dark?”

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