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‘The Simpsons’ universe coming to searchable site

‘The Simpsons’ universe coming to searchable site

FXX's The Simpsons -

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]

Mark your calendars for October. That’s when FXX is launching “Simpsons World,” redefining how viewers get on demand ‘Simpsons’ beamed straight to their smart TVs, computers and mobile devices.

That’s rights. Go ahead and soak it all in. That’s 24/7 access to America’s favorite canary colored cartoon family.

No more “D’oh!”

FXX's The Simpsons -

Verified FX subscribers will have instant access by way of iPhone, iPad, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Android phones and tablets, Smart TVs, and other set-tops devices.

How many times have you wanted to find a particular episode only to have to run through a season and a half to find it? Well, that won’t be a problem any longer. What really makes this website truly unique is the ability for viewers to instantly reference their favorite moments by searching for a specific quote.Viewers will also be able to create their own personalized playlists or share their favorite show clips and quotes.

As if that wasn’t enough “Simpsons” for you, FXX will be airing 25 seasons of “The Simpsons” back to back. Yes, that is 522 episodes in chronological order followed by the cherry on top, “The Simpsons Movie.” This is slated to be the longest marathon in TV history.

This venture comes on the coat-tails of FXX’s acquisition for exclusive cable rights to  repeat episodes of Fox’s iconic animated series.

“The Simpsons” bonanza begins 21 August. So, grab some Krusty Burger, crack open your Duff and settle into your favorite worn brown couch.

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