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Disney NOT Moving Forward With ‘Tron 3’

Disney NOT Moving Forward With ‘Tron 3’

Tron 3

Time to riot “Tron” fans, “Tron 3” is on its way out the door!

While fans may have been excited hearing news that Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde were returning for “Tron 3,” it turns out the film was never officially greenlit. An exclusive report from The Hollywood Reporter, revealed that Disney is no longer moving forward with “Tron 3.”

Disney has chosen not to move forward with a third installment in the sci-fi series, sources say. While sources say the project was never officially greenlit, earlier this year it seemed that things were moving ahead with Tron:Legacy helmer Joseph Kosinski returning to direct and stars Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund reprising their roles.

It can be speculated as to why Disney is not moving forward with “Tron 3,” but many are assuming that the underwhelming performance of Tomorrowland could be the culprit. With the success of so many of their films, “Tomorrowland” could have been the film that made Disney lose their confidence and refuse to take the risk on “Tron 3.”

Despite their loss in confidence, many fans may disagree with Disney’s choice. The original “Tron” was a cult classic and “Tron: Legacy” was not necessarily a box office slump. The film grossed $400 million worldwide but despite the financial success, Disney may have felt their time and money would be better spent on a project other than “Tron 3.” With their acquirement of both Star Wars and Marvel, Disney could have their hands full.

I admit that the last “Tron” film wasn’t the greatest, but in my opinion it was a visual splendor. I’m not sure where the plot would go with “Tron 3” and would suspect it to be a bit more dry, but nonetheless I was still interested in seeing the film. But despite my opinions, I’m sure Disney weighed their options based on a bunch of analytical data presented to them by actuaries and financial analysts which may have ruled in favor of box office failure. Even with that said, I think many fans will be extremely disappointed to hear this news.

What do you think? Did Disney make a smart choice or a blunder?

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