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David Spade is Back in the Mullet for “Joe Dirt” Sequel

David Spade is Back in the Mullet for “Joe Dirt” Sequel


Thirteen years after the original cult classic hit theaters, David Spade once again dons the mullet as filming for the Joe Dirt sequel commences.


Spade teases his Instagram fan flock with an in-mullet selfie.

david Spade - Joe Dirt 2 -


David Spade will re-team with his script penning partner from the first film, Fred Wolf. Hopefully the Dirty duo will bring their palatable brand of dimwitted humor and raunch back to the big screen. With principal filming currently underway in Louisiana, fans will be dodging meteors of excrement… I mean excitement until the films expected 2015 release.


After a failed attempt at a “Joe Dirt” animated series on TBS back in 2010, fans of the friendly fool and Crackle studios will be hoping this attempt survives to see the light of day… or light of internet?


What do you think about a Joe Dirt sequel?

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