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Christopher Nolan to Direct Next Film Set for 2017

Christopher Nolan to Direct Next Film Set for 2017


Christopher Nolan has his next film coming in 2017 for Warner Bros!

Warner Bros. has announced that Christopher Nolan is set to direct a new movie that will be released on July 21, 2017. The film currently doesn’t have a title but given Nolan’s track record as a director, expectations for his next project are currently high.

While we don’t have a title or a synopsis, Christopher Nolan has more than proven himself as a director. Per Rotten Tomatoes, he has not had one film directed by him that has fallen into the “rotten category.” In fact, none of those films have fallen below 70% based on the aggregation of critic reviews.

Christopher Nolan has gained notoriety after his film “Memento” had people discussing its unique plot. Since then he gained a niche following and then once his spotlight grew, people began to label him as more “mainstream” (of course). But despite being examined more closely under a microscope, his ability to take risks for more originality in film has been apparent.

Interstellar was his latest venture and despite being highly criticized, it was a top 10 performer of 2014 and still received positive reviews overall. It was also the only original top 10 film of 2014 and was even able to help Astrophysicist Kip Thorne make a breakthrough in science.

Interstellar Christopher Nolan

Interstellar was the only original top 10 film of 2014

With Christopher Nolan’s box office and critical success, we can bet that his next film will follow suit as well. I’m sure that Warner Bros. is also taking his success into account when setting the budget for his next film. At this point in his career, Christopher Nolan’s name alone can sell a film. That’s why an untitled project without any sort of synopsis or description can be breaking news as opposed to other films with lesser known directors. We can only imagine what the details of his next project will contain.

What do you think Christopher Nolan’s next project will be like?

This was first reported by The Wrap

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