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Casting Call: Police Academy dream cast for the future reboot

Casting Call: Police Academy dream cast for the future reboot

Police Academy

Check out Film Fad’s casting picks for the future “Police Academy” reboot!

The “Police Academy” reboot is coming (eventually) and they’ve even pegged Comedy Central’s Key & Peele to produce the film. As of right now the film is in an unknown status or “limbo state” but like most hit films, at some point a reboot will happen. If that reboot were to happen today, here are our picks for the main cast members!

Carey Mahoney – Jason Sudekis

Steve Guttenberg Jason Sudekis

Carey Mahoney – Jason Sudekis

It was a tough choice to pick someone to replace Steve Guttenberg but in the end, I felt that Jason Sudekis was the best choice. While Paul Rudd seemed like another good choice for the Mahoney sarcasm, Sudekis just seems to have the “cool” needed for Mahoney. In most of his roles, Sudekis has essentially played this character. He’s charming and comedic but usually not at the expense of his own stupidity. Transitioning the character from Guttenberg to Sudekis would be an easy transition for fans given the similarities and Sudekis would be the perfect actor to bring “Police Academy” into the 2000s.

Moses Hightower – Terry Crews

High Tower Terry Crews

Moses Hightower – Terry Crews

Originally played by the massive Bubba Smith, Moses Hightower was an intimidating force in “Police Academy.” Nowadays when I think of comedy and intimidation, I immediately think Terry Crews. The man has been the big guns (literally) in “The Expendables” and also appeared in a number of comedies. He currently has a role on the police TV comedy “Brooklyn 99” alongside Andy Samberg and his list of film experience makes him more than a worthy successor to football great Bubba Smith. Hands down, I would consider Terry Crews to be a perfect fit for the role of Hightower.

Zed – Charlie Day

Bobcat Charlie Day

Zed – Charlie Day

Played by the iconic Bobcat Goldthwait, Zed appeared in “Police Academy 2” but immediately became a fan favorite. Due to his crazy and eccentric behavior, Charlie Day seems like a better transition to this role than Jason Sudekis does as Mahoney. Sure the Horrible Bosses 2 stars reuniting once again may seem redundant for fans, but Sudekis and Day just work well together. And come on, you have to be honest. Charlie Day is essentially a modern day version of Bobcat Goldthwait from his voice to his appearance. Watch a few episodes of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and you’ll see what I mean.

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