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Casting Call: Live Action Doug Movie

Casting Call: Live Action <em>Doug</em> Movie

Doug -

“Doug” is an iconic animated sitcom created by Jim Jinkins, which initially aired on Nickelodeon and then Disney via ABC’s Morning Lineup in the ’90s.

Aw-wee-oo. Killer Tofu! – The Beets

From when I was eight years old until I was 16, “Doug” was a prominent television fixture, consuming my attention on many a afternoon and Saturday morning in my younger years. Born from the personal experiences of it’s creator Jim Jinkins, “Doug” represents, to me, the more wholesome, moral and though-provoking children’s animated series. This show rose to fame in what I consider to be Nickelodeon’s heyday with other notable series such as “Rugrats” and “The Ren and Stimpy Show.” Since it’s inception in 1991, “Doug” has spawned off seven seasons, 117 episodes, various books, merchandise, a live musical stage show, and a theatrical feature, “Doug’s 1st Movie.” That got me thinking, with so much nostalgia centered around the Quail Man alter-ego, what if they made a Live-Action “Doug” movie, where all the characters are adults? Well, to properly fantasize about where the concept could go and who would play the iconic parts, lets take a brief stroll down memory lane and remember what “Doug” was all about.


Little Known Fact: “Doug” was inspired by Jenkins’ actual childhood experiences while growing up in Virginia, with most characters in the series being based on real people from Jenkins past. These experiences where recorded in… not quite a journal, but a sketchbook Jenkins kept in the ’80s. A sketchbook which included the preliminary concept art for what would ultimately become “Doug.”


The original show revolves around the adolescent Douglas “Doug” Funnie, who upon arriving to his new hometown of Bluffington, encounters socially common situations while attending school. Doug must then work through his experiences, always with a lesson learned to takeaway. Whether trying to fit in, understand the complexities of platonic and romantic relationships, coping with a balanced sense of self-esteem, dealing with copper haired bullies, or the notorious school rumor, Doug recounts his days with imagination as he recounts his experiences in his journal.

So, without further ado, here are FilmFad’s fantasy picks for a live action (and grown-up) “Doug” movie.



Breckin Myer - Doug -

Breckin Meyer as Douglas “Doug” Funnie

Dear Journal, hi! it’s me, Doug.

Doug Funnie is all about making sense of the world around him and overcoming some new obstacle. He is neurotic (I would give him about a five on a scale of 1 to Woody Allen). He is a hopeless romantic pining over his one dream girl, Patti Mayonnaise. Doug is also more mature (at times) than his social group (with the exception of Patti). So who better to play the young adult Funnie than Breckin Meyer (“Road Trip”)? Not only does Meyer have the look, He also has the right on-screen persona to pull off a more mature Doug. Take his character from “Garfield” (which was a TERRIBLE movie… really awful) and mix it with his character from “Road Trip” and presto… Doug Funnie.


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